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Synonyms for baulk

the area on a billiard table behind the balkline

one of several parallel sloping beams that support a roof


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refuse to comply

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So it was fitting that a balk call against starting pitcher Yu Darvish derailed his start Friday in another lackluster team loss, this one 4-0 to the Atlanta Braves and cold and windy Wrigley Field.
Any speed advantage from moving the trigger finger forward "just far enough" is minor, and is not worth the effort of learning, or risking a balk. Failing to let the trigger reset can cost you a match--or get you killed.
Because Flowers interfered with Pederson by popping out too soon and stepping on the plate, Teheran should be charged with a balk. Utley should be allowed to score, Turner should be awarded second base, and Pederson should be given first base.
If the United States continues to balk on reform, other impatient countries may form an alternative organization.
[C.sub.4] [equivalent to] cost per unit time when a customer balks or reneges.
- Daniel Bard had already survived perhaps the wildest inning of his major league career, one that included a pair of balks and a wild pitch, when he headed out for the eighth inning.
The night after a combined four balks were called against Eugene and Yakima, Conlon scored on a balk during Kellen Kulbacki's at-bat.
Standing up to her is no easy task and when her father uses tough love to try to reestablish his authority, she balks and runs away.
I don't know much about Oaky Balks, except that it's a street on the outskirts of Alnwick in Northumberland and they're currently doing very well in the Alnwick District Council Recycling League.
When Jennifer Lopez asks Miami police officers to "donate" their time to her celebrity security bubble, the city balks, noting "there are a lot of people with money here.
Arnell balks initially, but she eventually succumbs to her mother's pressure.
Balks on Plan to Get Plutonium out of Warheads: Joint Project with Russia Was Aimed at Blocking Spread of Bombs to Terrorists."