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Synonyms for baleful

Synonyms for baleful

strongly suggestive of great harm, menace, or evil

Synonyms for baleful

deadly or sinister


Related Words

threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments

References in classic literature ?
Even the figures of the baleful group were there, though dimly seen as through a veil--a shadowy veil.
It was generally understood that their abrupt departure was due to Madame Olenska's desire to remove her aunt from the baleful eloquence of Dr.
Issus glared at him, a baleful light in her hideous eyes.
He turned a baleful eye upon me--he, Tars Tarkas, with whom I had fought through countless battles; whom I loved as a brother.
McHughs, 8pm, PS10 plus booking fee Check out Facebook SATURDAY BELFAST BLAZEFEST Stone Trigger, Stereo Nasty, Gasoline Outlaws, Selene, Baleful Creed, The Dystopian Project, Tequila For Breakfast and more take to the stage in one of Belfast's most iconic venues for Blazefest VI.
Central bankers talk about interest rates taking 18 months or two years to work their benign or baleful magic.
In fact, Clinton promises to spread that baleful attitude down to the lowliest community college, until every student in America feels he or she deserves a diploma and an A-studded transcript just for showing up.
Laconic gunslinger Alan Ladd helps peaceful homesteaders stand up to baleful bully Jack Palance.
The late Robert Maxwell left his baleful mark, too.
Flaubert's masterpiece, Madame Bovary, is a novel essentially about the baleful effects of reading novels.
Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam masterpiece glares at the baleful nature of the military mindset.
"We will be casting our baleful eyes around the market," he added.
Not for Syria itself, of course, or its neighbours - the downward spiral there is far from bottoming out into the prolonged and baleful stalemate that must precede creative peacemaking.
Nobody could argue with Mr Blair's analysis of the baleful effects idleness has on people in their late teens - the girls get pregnant and the boys get arrested and their lives go from bad to worse after that.
Folk Art And The Death Of Electric Jesus has gone down a storm with critics and fans alike as Andy McGibbon's baleful punk blues are more than enough to send chills down the spine of anyone with an ear for great music.