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a large bundle bound for storage or transport

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a city in northwestern Switzerland

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Given the significance of bale openers in the textile industry in breaking, cleaning and blending fabrics, the Bale Openers Market is estimated to expand till investments show an upsurge.
As the air temperature inside the building rises in summer, the heat inside the bales will rise also, causing the bacteria to multiply and increasing the potential for the bale to catch fire.
Between 1998 and 2000, Bale sold more than 7,000 new vehicles.
Nasianceno says weight and cubing are more important factors for the ideal export bale. "With materials coming in all shapes, sizes and weights, bale size is not that easy to reach if we are looking at maximizing weight and cube," he says.
But this quibble apart, the book is a concise and useful introduction to straw bale building wherever you are.
They told about the "Whale of a Bale" and offered photos.
We're now able to bale in one hour what used to take--and what still takes other recyclers--eight hours to bale.
There have been several programs started in the last year to develop an improved bale wrapper.
(1) Her ashes were barely cold when her account of her interrogations and trial was apparently smuggled out of England by German merchants and published by John Bale. (2) Bale's edition of Askew's Examinations was reprinted at least four times by 1560.
Then it's sent to a bale press, which compresses loose cotton into compact, dense bales.
Bale wrap is a tube of basket-woven PP fiber used to cover raw cotton or other fibers for shipping and storage.
Bale 10 (out of 10), Rodriguez 7 SKILL Because of his runs at full tilt, people tend to overlook just how skilful Bale is.
Another possible savings with the right bales is they are heavy and the bale size is designed to maximize container loading.
The Model 3000 bale film wrapper is designed to meet today's needs for faster wrapping, less film wastage and better seals, according to the company.
[9] Although the sources from John Foxe onward typically claim that Askew's ordeal was part of a larger antireformist plot to bring down Henry's last queen and/or reformist members of the court, none of the immediately contemporary sources concerning Askew's case, including those written by Askew and Bale, specifically mention Queen Katherine Parr.