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a person whose head is bald

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On June 16, the 179th Infantry Regiment relieved the 180th on Old Baldy. For the next 10 days, the Chinese repeatedly attempted to retake the high ground.
Beverley, of Batley, West Yorks, said: "Richard came up, tapped Josh on the head and said: 'Baldy, baldy' a couple of times.
If this ancestral division renders Baldy into a parallel of a mudhead on his own reservation, it no doubt exacerbates his responses to Zuni castigation of all tribal "others," exemplified in Baldy's observation of a Zuni woman:
When one of Blakey's associates shouted "baldy" at Mr Hoyle's group, a row blew up.
Crazy is in Glenochil, near Alloa, and Baldy is in Barlinnie, Glasgow.
A Scent-Lok foursome--Aubrey Gale, Greg Sesselman, George Schrink, and Phil Phillips--earned "Baldy Awards" for undergoing a public head-shaving at the 2004 Archery Trade Association Show in January.
The Conants, the Becketts, Pam Basilius and Joe Scheibe are especially concerned about a road that the city has proposed from the hospital site north to International Way, Baldy View Road and Deadmond Ferry, through their properties.
Baldy Cr., Fountain Valley, CA 92708-6122, telephone: [714] 545-9444, FAX: [714] 545-9537, Website:
He replied: ``If men my age started galivanting about, all your fancy clubs and jazz and pop concerts would be full of baldy old chaps and grey-haired ladies - erm, not a good idea.''
We were half way through the little plaza when two security guards arrived on the scene; we'll call them "baldy" and "non-bald." They began asking us questions.
Insiders say there is a hospital bed in his cell and Shahid, nicknamed Baldy, "shuffles about like a pensioner".
The breakfast presenter received a little help from Miss Cork Etaoin O hAilpin and "The Baldy Barber" Mick Moriarty.
Crazy is in Glenochil, near Alloa and Baldy is in the segregation unit of Barlinnie in Glasgow.
SPOTTED on Broad Street - the baldy brothers Fairbrass, better known as Right Said Fred.