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a wide (ornamented) belt worn over the right shoulder to support a sword or bugle by the left hip


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His anger in book ten after the death of his protege Pallas, most probably coupled with feelings of guilt towards the father Evander, prepares us for his reaction when he sees Turnus wearing the boy's baldric.
Remarkably, Shareta is the third of those Vermeille winners, after Shawanda and Sharaya, to descend from the Baldric mare Shanizadeh, herself a descendant of the Aga's hugely influential Eclair.
First the King, then all the court, comforted the knight, And all the lords and ladies belonging to the Table Laughed at it loudly, and concluded amiably That each brave man of the brotherhood should bear a baldric A band, obliquely about him, of bright green, Of the same hue as Sir Gawain's and for his sake wear it.
According to Baldric, Robert's earliest biographer, by 1100 the group had grown to include "many men of every condition," as well as a large number of women "both poor and noble, widows and virgins, young and old, whores and those who spurn men" (Gold, Lady 95).
HE wears a Baldric Shirt EUREUR90, with an Abbot Sweater EUREUR70.
See also the chronicle of Baldric of Dol from whence Orderic took his information: Historia Jerosolimitana in RHC Hist.
I SEE I have understimated the Jockey Club's capacity for cunning, although theirs is of the Baldric variety.
Sir Baldric crashed out of the bushes, tied a cork-tipped arrow to a rope, and shot it across the treacherous waters.
The `endless knot' (line 630) of the pentangle has been undone along with the hero's `trawpe', or fidelity (lines 626; 2470), and the new knot of the baldric is a sign of Gawain's remorse.
Billy Rodriguez of Monrovia, who'll take on the persona of a rakish highwayman at faires this year, relied on Kusiak to make him an elaborate leather jerkin (vest), hat and baldric (cross-body sword holder) and Samson to fashion him a dangerous-looking sword and dagger.
Turn Again Theatre is performing one episode from the Blackadder Elizabethan series, which starred Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder, Tony Robinson as Baldric and Miranda Richardson as Queenie.
Stefanie Hoss's examination of the changing appearance and significance of the military belt and baldric is enlightening for those of us who have to deal with the different types of belt fitting recovered from archaeological excavations.
Children will also get to meet Baldric - the friendly executioner.
I followed Tony Robinson, Baldric in Blackadder, whose late mother had Alzheimer's.
Only a moron of Baldric proportions could have failed to deduce the cunning plan once Inner Light turned up.