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Synonyms for baldpate

a person whose head is bald

a widgeon the male of which has a white crown

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Think feeding snow geese, only apply it to baldpate.
Unlike the wigeon's breathy tones, the bull sprig's whistle is bell-like in its clarity, and does incorporate a rolling trill not heard in the baldpate. Here, a dog whistle will work, sometimes quite well; however, I've found that the sprig-specific calls like Rod Haydel's MP-90 produce a clearer, more true tone.
His successful mystery novel Seven Keys to Baldpate (1913) was adapted into a well-received play and a film.
Among them are Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway (1906), <IR> GET-RICH-QUICK WALLINGFORD </IR> (1910), <IR> BROADWAY JONES </IR> (1912), Seven Keys to Baldpate (1913), The Miracle Man (1914), The Song and Dance Man (1923), and Gambling (1929).
" Among his musicals and dramas were Forty - Five Minutes from Broadway (1906); Get - Rich - Quick Wallingford (1908); Broadway Jones (1912), a play and musical about a young spendthrift; and Seven Keys to Baldpate (1913), based on a novel by Earl Derr Biggers.
Fight your way through a marsh--teaming with blood-sucking leeches--and track down the gang, slay their evil leader Baldpate The Bad, and return Nash to his rightful place on your dashboard.
Seven Keys to Baldpate, adapt: Joseph Hanreddy from George M.
In such a climate of duplicity, the baldpate shepherd Hylas -- who has the singular merit of practicing the inconstancy he preaches and thus eliciting with ease the admiration and love of women -- deftly crafts sophistic paradoxes which support his professed beliefs.
Then in 1998, the Baldpate field, being developed by Amerada Hess and Oryx will begin to flow gas to the GBGS.
I think that because of the spelling thing, and the fact the word wigeon makes the bird sound like a machine part, wigeon have been nicknamed "baldpate" for years and years because, even though it is now politically incorrect to make fun of those challenged by their follicles, there is only one way to spell baldpate.
Overhead, the high-pitched whoosh of pinions cutting the Pacific air mixed with the breathy whistles and peeps of a dozen or more drake baldpate. Looking out from under the bill of my cap, I registered a small group of birds, cupped and committed, descending into the decoys, while above them, another flock cut into what I assumed was going to be their final swing before they too committed.
Cohan suspense comedy Seven Keys to Baldpate; and Rosalind Russell and Ginger Rogers play young actresses hoping to crack Broadway in Edna Ferber and George S.
Mallard hen voices mingled with the whistles of sprig and baldpate. A splash, followed by a staccato high-pitched "qquuaacckkquack-quack-quack" spoke of a knot of greenwings on the water.
My eyes locked on the drake as the baldpate pair vaulted.
You could have paved the floor of heaven with the baldpates of many of the attendees.