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Synonyms for baldness



Synonyms for baldness

the condition of having no hair on the top of the head

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Like many chaps, I have dispensed with the straggly wet rug look and embraced baldness. It doesn't bother me a jot.
Typical male-pattern baldness involves a receding hairline and thinning around the crown.
Initially, the company's two R&D units have histologically confirmed that a peroxide, which consists of oxidized sebum, causes the death of hair root cells and stimulates the baldness.
The Medical Hair Solutions of South Florida system uses proven hair growth activators and a patented Swedish technology called Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to treat baldness, thinning hair and scalp conditions.
A good example is the newest segment in the men's grooming business, a field that one of its pioneers calls baldness management and another refers to as head care.
In The Summer of Her Baldness: A Cancer Improvisation, Catherine Lord conflates existing notions of cancer as horrific disease and cancer patients as lone fighters in a way that re-energizes and yet problematizes them.
Scientists who found stem cells in the hair follicles of mice believe they may now be able to pinpoint the same cells in humans, providing future treatments for baldness and other problems.
7: Hair--male-pattern baldness; Bones--stunted growth; Brain/limbic system--roid rage; Arm/needle injection site--HIV/AIDS; Heart--heart attack; Liver--cysts and liver cancer.
Imagine if Anheuser-Busch claimed that a daily six-pack of Bud Lite cured baldness. Hair-loss experts, consumer groups and its competitors would laugh Bud off the stage.
Baldness may result when hair root cells cease their activities.
The study purportedly concludes that SLS inhibits children's eye development, causes cataracts, builds up in critical organs and could lead to baldness. However, according to MCG Regents Professor of Ophthalmology Keith Green, the report's author, "My work does not lead one to those conclusions in any way, shape or form." The actual paper claims only that diluted SLS solution inhibits repair of lesions in a specific corneal membrane.
But the skin stretches, leading to baldness with a scar.
& leave just a strip along the top, scalping all pretense for the baldness of statement,
It inhibits the action of an enzyme that interferes with the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, a key hormone that is responsible for prostate enlargement in older men and suspected as playing a role in the development of baldness.
UFC star's business idea to help fight male baldness tually they lose it.