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a person whose head is bald

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There he was, the self-effacing bass player in the splendidly named group, Big Bad Dread and the Baldhead.
His list is: Crazy Baldhead - Bob Marley; Juicy - Biggie Smalls; Talkin' Bout a Revolution - Tracy Chapman; Successful - Drake; Human Nature - Michael Jackson; P's & Q's - Kano; Shook Ones Part II - Mobb Deep; Back to Life - Soul II Soul; Fools Gold - Stone Roses; Renegade - Jay-Z.
On The Crazy Baldhead Tour, O'Connor will have her five-piece band and support from AlascA.
Improvising lyrics and preaching his gospel of far–out wisdom from under a mirrored baseball hat, the great man was helped by a truly exceptional band who gave classics such as Have Some Mercy and Crazy Baldhead enough respect, while allowing their loping melodies and heavy dub effects space to bounce around the room.
After opening with an old Studio One jam, the first half of the show was dedicated to obscure material from recent years, with only a heavy dub version of Bob Marley's Crazy Baldhead standing out from the thunderous bass grooves.
Its title led me to the Second Book of Kings (2:23-24), to an unfamiliar story of Elisha being teased by small boys as a "baldhead." The prophet's cursing response resulted in "42 of the children [being torn] to pieces" by the bears.
Tony Rebel's refusal to sing this song resulted in a relatively unknown, very young and 'baldhead' (or non-Rastafari) Buju Banton agreeing to do the song.
"Come Together," by Crazy Baldhead (featuring Mike Drance)
Baldhead cholos with their eyebrows shaved off walk by wearing near-identical brown button-up shirts and oversized khaki shorts, their white socks pulled high.
The iris is orange in the Racer, yellow in the Squabbing Homer, white in the Baldhead Tumbler, light pearl in the Shak Kee.
In "Sao Marcos" the epigraph sets forth the theme of elusive identities: it tells playfully of a man on top of a coconut tree who turns out to be just a coconut that turns out to be the baldhead of a monkey that turns out to be the whole monkey.
He was elderly, with a fringe of grey hair framing a baldhead; very small in stature, he was hardly bigger than some of the older kids.
Taking advantage of these open areas, ledges and false summits, one can enjoy 270 degree perspectives of Crane Mountain, Lizard Pond, Bearpen Peak, Baldhead Mountain and Moose Mountain.
Baldhead Challenge: September 5K/10K run
Bush mask next to a few stacks of plastic vampire teeth and some packages of so-called baldhead wigs.