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Synonyms for bald-headed

lacking hair on all or most of the scalp

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The bald-headed man seemed to be running in circles with his hands up in the air.
The legendary bald-headed icon has held a place in America's hearts, while the brand often been ahead of the curve, developing innovative products that speak to the public's needs.
The airline said it will pay NZ$1,000 ($666) per head, making it easy money for bald-headed frequent fliers.
Hamlet Cigars forgot the glamorous girls and good looking guys for their "Happiness Is" campaign which featured actor Gregor Fisher, best known as Rab C Nesbitt, as a bald-headed man combing his hair over in a photo booth.
Bald-headed Bayldon appeared in the dock for the brief hearing at Kingston Crown Court.
But member Wes Day says his trio of bald-headed, PVC-playing percussionists slathered in blue greasepaint and black industrial wear has just written a love letter to every large- spectacle arena-rock act from the '70s.
As a teacher, bald-headed students are the least of my concerns - especially in a multicultural classroom where different cultures have different sets of values on appropriate dress and grooming.
Upon arrival, he is partnered with Detective Meyers, a bald-headed, tough-talking, hard-nosed cop who is feared by all who know him.
Afterward, in the slowest spin session ever, bald-headed cardinal after bald-headed cardinal condescendingly informed us, "You don't understand what celibacy is.
Today's fashionable youngsters will grow old, and I wonder what future generations will think of their bald-headed baseball-hatted image?
The bald-headed love rat, who for months has been trying to peddle the sleaziest story in British royal history, is believed to have finally cashed in by telling all.
The masculine bodies entwined in a carnal embrace have given way to the solitary figure leaning over the washbasin, standing firm on the smooth ground, neutral, bald-headed, his convex back deformed, his testicles contracted in a fold.
In this case, however, the jocular, bald-headed man pulling the levers was CEO Mike Harper.
Washington said opportunity is like a bald-headed man with only a patch of hair right in front.
HE IS the most famous bald-headed yellow person on the planet and incredibly Homer Simpson is tech-savvy enough to have his own Twitter feed.