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Synonyms for bald-faced

characterized by or done without shame

Synonyms for bald-faced

(of animals) having white markings on the face

Related Words

unrestrained by convention or propriety

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McGregor responded by sending out a letter to every miner declaring this contention to be a bald-faced untruth.
I just meant to tidy myself up and finished up bald-faced," said Kirmond, barely recognisable after his razor error.
Even the most experienced liars feel uncomfortable voicing their deceptions--so much so, in fact, that they will almost always lie in stages, first trying to avoid a topic entirely, then omitting crucial information, then using selective wording and evasive quasi-denials, and finally (if all else fails) coming out with the bald-faced lie.
I'm no fan of Vladamir Putin, but the way he's calling out John Kerry as a bald-faced liar doesn't look good.
Sometimes we see bald-faced lies, but generally what we see are carefully massaged attempts to leave voters with an impression or understanding that isn't quite correct for the purpose of benefitting one candidate and hurting the other.
these are intentional, calculated, bald-faced deceptions, foisted on the American public by ideologically motivated zealots trying to force an agenda of citizen disarmament and government control.
I know that when spin doctors spin too much, they become something else: bald-faced liars.
It was a bald-faced bid to occupy the nationalistic territory abandoned by the right-wing Action democratique du Quebec" party, which is now a minor party, she said.
In the face of easy excess, the self-imposed limitations of Silver's Exercises are a refreshing change of pace--a stepping back to see the bald-faced beauty in something simple and concrete.
Show a jury falsified records and bald-faced lies in disclosure documents, then toss in testimony from insiders who pointed out the wrongdoing only to be told to shut up -- or who got fired -- and convictions follow.
Many civilians were present, ones soldiers claimed weren't seen, saying combatants were attacked - a bald-faced lie, proved by dead and injured civilians, one of hundreds of grave Fourth Geneva violations during Cast Lead, preceded and succeeded seamlessly by many others.
Even though video contradicting him was already available on the Web, MPDC Assistant Chief Pete Newsham initially issued a series of what were at best reckless errors, at worst bald-faced lies.
Given her muscle in several key states, Senator Hillary Clinton seems an astute political choice for vice president, but her bald-faced attempt to elbow her way to the nomination might make you look workable.
The one interview where the actor, Will Forte, is portraying someone gay, he's completely bald-faced lying about it.
It is not just the bald-faced presumption of our robed dictators on the bench that frightens me; it is their blithe assumption of infallibility, combined with an almost total ignorance of theology and faith that is breathtaking.