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a large eagle of North America that has a white head and dark wings and body

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The Kane County area lost a local wildlife celebrity when one of the adult bald eagles that nests near the Mooseheart football field was killed when it was struck by a car.
2.--Comparison of a nesting adult Bald Eagle (200; red) and a nonnesting subadult Bald Eagle (204; blue) 2012 winter breeding home range and core area using 95% and 50% Brownian bridge movement models (BBMM).
Bald Eagle March fills a void in the brass quintet repertoire; few original marches are available for this ensemble.
Bald eagle Henry has taken himself off from Warwick Castle for a summer holiday jaunt
from 1940 to 1950, used primarily to control malaria, typhus and other human diseases transmitted through insects, caused bald eagle populations to plummet to an all-time low of 487 nesting pairs in 1963.
American Eagle Day is a commemorative annual national day on June 20--the beginning of summer--to celebrate the bald eagle's symbolism and dramatic comeback from the brink of extinction.
In a tree close to the Herefordshire parish's sleepy centre was a giant bald eagle, a bird-of-prey usually associated with Alaska's frozen wilderness.
Key words: Alaska, Bald Eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, Odocoileus hemionus sitkensis, predation, Sitka Black-Tailed Deer, Tongass National Forest
The Model BE1151 Precision Priming Press from Bald Eagle is designed specifically for the match shooter who requires precision when reloading.
In early June, DEC received a report of a dead adult bald eagle found along a road in Henrietta, just south of Rochester.
Webster Lake has had regular bald eagle visitors since 2009.
The most majestic example of Mississippi wildlife and a temporary resident is the bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus.
A conservation plan to manage New York's population of the bald eagle is now available for public review and comment
With a white head and tail, and larger than most other birds, it can only be the bald eagle. It dwarfs most other raptors, or birds of prey, in size.