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upper circle


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an upper floor projecting from the rear over the main floor in an auditorium

a platform projecting from the wall of a building and surrounded by a balustrade or railing or parapet

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Residents must not place furniture near windows or balconies and must never allow their children to be unattended.
The residential units will have column-free corner balconies, operable Juliette balconies and sun-shaded cantilevered balconies.
Police said investigation into these cases revealed that some of the fencing at balconies and windows were unsafe for children as it was designed only to prevent insects from entering the house.
A Sharjah City Municipality spokesman confirmed to XPRESS that those who hang laundry or install satellite dishes in their balconies are now being fined Dh500 instead of Dh250 last year.
Sharjah Municipality has issued laws banning residents from placing safety grilles on their balconies as it's said to ruin the building's overall image.
The total power consumption for the building facade and balconies is 4 watts per sq meter.
I hit six or seven balconies on the way down and landed on a plastic sun lounger.
The only advice I can give is be sensible, drink responsible and try not to use balconies.
In Britain we fall behind our European neighbours when it comes to having balconies at home.
Summary: Two wealthy parents have fallen to their deaths from balconies just days apart from one another, during a family holiday in Morocco.
The three-bedroom duplex penthouse is at 55 Degrees North and benefits from two balconies and a parking space.
Hoteliers and apartment owners claim that youngsters crazed by drink or drugs have fallen while climbing across balconies or trying to jump into swimming pools in a practice dubbed "balconing".
In my distress I have contacted the builders responsible for providing the meshing around the balconies which will keep the pigeons at bay.
Summary: Those who remained in Lebanon during the Civil War know the significant role that balconies played in the various conflicts.
Construction companies - let's have more balconies please.