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when dried yields a hard substance used e

a tropical hardwood tree yielding balata gum and heavy red timber

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Last week, Israel blocked the Rafah football team from traveling to the West Bank from the Gaza Strip, preventing the final match of the Palestine Cup against the Balata Youth Center team.
Ramallah: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas commissioned on Friday a special committee to investigate the torching of the so-called Tomb of Jospeh in the Balata Refuge Camp near the city of Nablus.
Clashes broke out in the area during two Palestinian youths were shot in the foot: Nabil Al-Sairafi from Askar and Salah Abu Rouways from Balata camp in addition to others who were suffocated.
Some 1200 tourists in Bulgaria's Black Sea resort of Albena have been evacuated from hotels located near the Balata Reserve due to the risk of flooding from the Batovska river.
"There has been lots of support for us to make this happen, and also we faced a lot of obstacles but nothing we couldn't actually handle," says Angie Balata, co-organizer of WOW.
The firm is to operate between the onshore Beach, Navette, and Balata East producing oil fields, and the offshore Galeota producing oil field.
Native City (4.50 Carlisle, nap), Nudge And Nurdle (3.40 Carlisle, nb), Wensleydale Web (4.15 Carlisle), Worth A King's (6.20 Wolverhampton) ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Today's nap: MYTHICAL BLUE (4.30 York) KLONDYKE MARINE SPIRIT (2.10 York) BALATA (3.20 York) GOOD GORSOON (4.05 Lingfield) POT LUCK York placepot 2.10 - 3, 5; 2.45 - 7; 3.20 - 7, 17; 3.55 - 5; 4.30 - 4, 17; 5.00 - 12.
YORK: 2.10 Wasmi, 2.45 BLIZZARD BLUES (NAP), 3.20 Balata, 3.55 George Benjamin, 4.30 Russian Spirit, 5.00 Red Jade.
Tom McLaughlin, who won the 7f handicap on Balata for the Links Partnership, limped in grimacing, having injured his groin on the way to post.
WOLVERHAMPTON: 5.50 Red Cell, 6.20 Silk Gallery, 6.50 La Gifted, 7.20 Balata, 7.50 Bathwick Man, 8.20 Pha Mai Blue, 8.50 Mountain Cat, 9.20 Libre.
In fresh violence, a Palestinian was killed in an Israeli raid in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus.
Palestinian witnesses said the gunman, from Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, was shot in Balata, a refugee camp near Nablus.
Unfortunately, the batteries of the hearing aid have run out, the Balata Refugee Camp has been cut off from the outside world.