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inflammation of the head of the penis

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Plasma cell balanitis and erosive lichen planus followed a similar longer course with mean days of presentation 97.
When a redo urethroplasty is required, the degree of postoperative scarring and the possibility of balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO) may dictate reoperative management.
1,3,4] Candidal balanoposthitis is a well-recognised condition, first described by Engman in 1920, [5] being the most common infection which is responsible for up to 30-35% among the infectious balanitis.
Other contributory factors to recurrence of balanitis include history of atopic illness, daily penile washing with soap, poor perineal hygiene, use of over-the-counter medications, and phimosis.
Though rare, men may be infected with genital candidiasis and experience balanitis and balanoposthitis.
Postoperative histopathology revealed an infiltration of neoplastic cells in the subcutaneous tissue close to the albuginea, but not in the corpus cavernosum penis, which was affected by chronic balanitis, worsened by the presence of myiasis; the chronic balanitis probably contributed to the palpable thickening of the body of the penis, simulating neoplastic infiltration.
It should be kept in mind that hair-thread tourniquet syndrome can be confused with infantile colic which is a more common problem and should be differentiated from infectious diseases related with organs including balanitis and paronychia.
Balanitis and balanoposthitis are easily treatable with topical creams.
197 (21%)###Difficulty in urination but no previous urinary tract infection or balanitis attacks
hydronephrosis or VUR), megaprepuce, recurrent balanoposthitis, balanitis xerotica obliterans and secondary phimosis4.
Vesiviruses have occasionally been detected in dogs with diarrhea and, in some instances, in dogs with glossitis, balanitis, or vesicular vaginitis (6-9).
Diaper-related diagnoses include diaper dermatitis, Candidiasis of unspecified location, balanitis, intertrigo, and vulvovaginitis.
Como antecedentes de importancia se encontro que fue consumidor de marihuana, cocaina y alcohol hasta aproximadamente 4 anos antes, y una balanitis 4 meses antes, ya en remision.
Advising that circumcised newborn males are less likely to experience urinary tract infections, balanitis, and balanoposthitis.