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getting two things to correspond

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For the purpose of this discussion, we will focus on artificially balancing a mold designed having a conventional, geometrically balanced runner system as shown in Figures 1 and 4.
(TSX VENTURE:PIX), a provider of highperformance Internet bandwidth and server colocation facilities announced recently the expansion of their product line to include GLOBAL (GLobal lOad BALancing).
We perform a variety of single-leg balancing drills, lasting 15 and 60 seconds per exercise.
Fully automated rotomolding equipment for nearly lights-out operation, a new approach to balancing molds, and a new oven design that trims space and energy requirements mark some of the new developments unveiled at the 27th Annual Fall Meeting of the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM), held in October in Toronto.
Another useful tool to aid the balancing decision is the notion of "strategic technologies," where the technology Focus for the research project may be categorized as emerging, strategic, or base (Fig.
Three popular options include link aggregation, load balancing, and fault tolerance.
Although traditional crunches and back extensions help to develop core strength, core competency exercises often involve balancing and demand the efforts of many muscles to work synergistically.
The starting point of the Court's analysis was that all individuals stopped at roadblocks have been "seized" for constitutional purposes, and thus, to satisfy the requirements of the Fourth Amendment, roadblocks must be reasonable.(2) The Court then created a balancing test for determining the reasonableness of roadblocks.
At times the pressure of balancing work, relationships and leisure leaves us with a juggling act at best.
It's no surprise that the notion of balancing the budget should offer such broad appeal to the American public.
The debate over balancing the budget has made an election look like a walk in the park.
"Balancing the budget only requires Congress's vote and my signature," Clinton hammers.
The CFO faces the major challenge of handling numerous demands internally while balancing those internal pressures with the external demands of investors.
Balancing the rehabilitation caseload by management of self, management in setting, management through situations, and management toward solutions can prevent rehabilitation counselor burnout.
Now, another subtle health effect has been identified in children carying a low-level body burden of lead: They have trouble balancing.