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a budget is balanced when current expenditures are equal to receipts

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The proposal showed that this government respected fiscal and budgetary discipline, successfully submitted the first balanced budget in more than two decades, according to the president.
The minister, while lauding Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar and Finance Minister for presenting a balanced budget, said that allocation of 35 per cent budget for South Punjab reflected that the present regime was committed to uplifting the living standard of people of that region.
He served as finance minister and planned the balanced budget for 2019 himself, the SITA newswire reported.At the same time, NBS has revised its prediction of GDP growth for this year, worsening from 4.
A balanced budget means that any payments for overdue bills are to be paid out of existing revenues.
The ratings agency said it expects Saudi Arabia to reduce budgeted expenditure to achieve its goal of a balanced budget by 2023.
"But for this year I am delighted that with the 2.9 per cent increase in council tax we will have a balanced budget come February."
Thambirajah in his debate, proposed to the government to introduce a balanced budget and set aside more allocation for development.
Finance Minister Wolfgang SchEnuble made it abundantly clear that sticking to a balanced budget was vital and would "send a message of reliability and continuity" after Britain's decision to leave the European Union.
This forecast follows a balanced budget in 2015/16, which was achieved despite the province recording slightly lower economic growth than previously forecasted.
Summary: The Province of Manitoba yesterday announced that it now targets a balanced budget by 2018-19, two years later than previously assumed.
first balanced budget in 46 years in 2015, dpa reported.
The rule will be effective from 2015 and will require a balanced budget over the medium term without raising the debt.
The primate, general secretary and treasurer are to meet with the FMC chair and General Synod directors to identify areas for "cost-savings," with the goal of developing a balanced budget for 2014.
Temporary deviation from this "balanced budget rule" is allowed only in exceptional economic circumstances, for example during severe downturns in economy.