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To prevent the possibility of local anesthetic toxicity, we converted our three cases (5.45%) of failed block into GA and subsequently proceeded with balanced anesthesia technique.
Zhu et al., "To clarify features of photoplethysmography in monitoring balanced anesthesia, compared with cerebral state index," Medical Science Monitor, vol.
In this research, we assessed the effects of magnesium sulfate on cardiovascular stability in patients undergoing diverse planned surgical procedures (abdominal, orthopedic, urology) under general balanced anesthesia, who were diagnosed with arterial hypertension grade 1 and 2.The research encompassed 100 patients of both sexes, aged from 20 to 65.
Frampton, and P Myles, "Rationale and design of the balanced anesthesia study: a prospective randomized clinical trial of two levels of anesthetic depth on patient outcome after major surgery," Anesthesia & Analgesia, vol.
The use of ketamine as part of balanced anesthesia leads to paradoxical increase of the BIS, in that it is associated with a deepening level of hypnosis.
Neuroendocrine stress response and heart rate variability: a comparison of total intravenous versus balanced anesthesia. Anesth Analg.