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Synonyms for balanced

Synonyms for balanced

neither favorable or unfavorable

characterized by or displaying symmetry, especially correspondence in scale or measure

having components pleasingly combined

Antonyms for balanced

being in a state of proper equilibrium

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So when an imbalance occurs, how do we get to check off the "Is the mold balanced?" box on our mold qualification sheet?
He thinks balanced is a legitimate descriptor for some mass-produced wines, even if they may not be very expressive or complex.
3 BODY BALANCE: Holm keeps his hips centered above the wheel to stay balanced on his unicycle.
The Balanced Scorecard Approach, Parks explained, was a new approach to strategic management developed in the early 1990s by Drs.
The fascial layers are organized and balanced, invoking a sense of health and well-being.
At their most effective, balanced scorecards can be powerful tools, providing concise, predictive and actionable information about how a company is performing and may perform in the future.
The IDC Balanced Rating provides one such top-level analysis and ranking.
But how can one implement a balanced score-card when every company is unique?
The Green Century Balanced Fund, with a five-year average annual return of 14.85 percent, is of special interest because the fund manager donates all profits to nonprofit environmental advocacy organizations.
Although traditional and classic in style, symmetically balanced floral designs contrast with nature and usually appear stiff and contrived (see Figure 4-5).
But some congressmen are missing from this love feast of agreement on the need to fix the Balanced Budget Act.
Impaired balance is the result of inaccurate information about the position of the COG, inadequately executed movements to bring the COG to a balanced position, or a combination of both.
Enter the Balanced Scorecard, a management philosophy that anticipates scenarios like the one above by using key leading and lagging indicators to measure a company's performance.
The trustees credited the combination of restrained expenditures and structural reforms accomplished by the Balanced Budget Act for extending the life of the trust fund, and cutting the projected 75-year actuarial deficit in half.
What seems balanced to a Puritan might seem quite lopsided to a republican or an Italian.