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As a class, discuss the different forces that an athlete would need to counter in order to stay balanced.
McMahan calls the Balanced Scorecard a "living, breathing document that is constantly changing.
More specifically, Hackett argues that balanced scorecards should focus on a mix of internal and external measures.
The reality has been that the Balanced Budget Act's restrictions on long-term care have created more hardship and fewer savings than many congressmen anticipated.
The Balanced Scorecard is different from typical executive information systems because it also targets leading indicators to give executives a forward-looking approach to analyzing a company's health.
And, even if everyone accepts the desirability of a balanced budget, does the nation really have to achieve a balance in such a short period of time--regardless of the economic and social uncertainties that lie ahead?
Therefore, even without explicit laws, the manifest intention of officials is to balance state and local budgets according to the terms and definition described above, and the primary motivation for balanced budgets is not the formal requirement but rather "tradition, practice, and public expectation.
Cody co-manages AIM Balanced Fund A with Robert Alley.
Consider this: If the Balanced Budget Amendment had been in place in 1932, the tax increase enacted at that time would have been in perfect conformity with law.
Constitution to require a balanced budget - lukewarm because, while I wholeheartedly support balancing the budget, I have little confidence in Congress' ability to adopt a measure with teeth enough to hold them to it.
Stephen Moore, director of fiscal-policy studies at the Cato Institute, points out that state budgets, which must be balanced, tend to expand during good times and contract during recessions.
You don't want to wind up with a Congress some day in a recession raising taxes or throwing unemployed people off health care because they're trying to get to a balanced budget.