balance of power

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an equilibrium of power between nations

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One of the arrangements to provide for the security of the states is balance of power. There are two ways to look at the balance of power.
Finally, by walking away from the Iran nuclear deal, Trump has undermined the global role of America which was always important vis-a-vis other global players in terms of economy, trade and balance of power. The implementation of Trump's policy will destroy Trump's supporters countries in the long run, increase fuel prices, spread poverty and fan wars in the region.
For a possible analogy, consider the role that "balance of power" plays in the theory of international relations.
The balance of power in both cases favors the Israel Defense Forces.
If Plaid Cymru holds the balance of power, we'll rebalance power and wealth throughout the UK, away from the financial sector in the City of London and to communities such as those in Wales who need investment.
There are many things worrying about what may happen after the election but nothing is more disturbing than the thought that UKIP could hold the balance of power in a Tory government.
Thus it is that his Green Party obsesses about holding "the balance of power."
The "changing balance of power in the multilateral trading system" was the theme of high-level discussions that concluded in Bahrain yesterday.
MANAMA: The "changing balance of power in the multilateral trading system" was the theme of high-level discussions that concluded in Bahrain yesterday.
A marked pick-up in demand for commercial property across the region has shifted the balance of power in favour of developers but speculative development is still not viable, according to property specialists at Shakespeares.
Closely related to the above-mentioned principle, the thirty years war and the peace treaties of Westphalia were to inaugurate another principle in world politics, namely the balance of power between the main actors of international life.
Thus, it would declare at every occasion that this issue was connected to the conflict with Israel and to the balance of power and deterrence with the latter's nuclear weapons.
Against that backdrop, the following discussion reviews four noteworthy insights arising from Leifer's reflections on regional order, the balance of power and other ancillary ideas.
One of the main bodies of the United Nations, the Security Council, is considered the mirror of the international balance of power. Nevertheless, the 15 members of the Security Council can adopt a resolution only if the Security Council's five permanent members do not veto it.
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