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This phase requires reshaping relations anew, especially as the Arab countries with traditional position in the balance of power are going through difficulties.
It also has a great deal in common with the characteristics of the international balance of power.
According to the traditional definition of balance of power, as supported by the United States and conservative Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf, the Islamic Republic of Iran is the prime source of insecurity in the region, and any regional deterrence policy should focus on preventing threats created by Iranian actions.
Israel would never have considered the nuclear option if there was a balance of power with Egypt.
Although the balance of power is tilting against the Neo-Salafi groups, as there is a clear and firm Iraqi majority opposed to these Sunni Arab jihadis (holy warriors) who keep killing people indiscriminately, the balance of power between pan-Arab nationalists and Iraqi nationalists remains vague.
Douglas Lemke focuses on the utility of balance of power as defined by Mearsheimer's version of "offensive realism" and determines that the concept is so "vaguely stated" that he finds it "impossible to imagine a scenario that would be inconsistent" with it.
The author is not only interested in describing the process and results of these networks, but also examining the balance of power between local, national, and transnational players.
If it holds up through 2005 and into 2006, as at least one major region CEO, Roger Agnelli at Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, predicts, the money flood will change the balance of power in lots of places.
McGurn agrees that the new rules have changed the balance of power inside the boardroom.
The shift in the global economic focus toward east and southeast Asia also raises the question economic cooperation within Asia and its possible political implications--including the shift in the balance of power.
The object of realpolitik is to ensure a balance of power among existing regimes, not create some kind of world community.
On every other issue, the progressive community looks at the parties involved, assesses the humanity, the vulnerability, the justice, the balance of power, and then weighs in on the side of the underdog.
These elements invoke a magical kingdom joined in a balance of power and vulnerability.
The balance of power in the commercial real estate market is a swinging pendulum, with control constantly shifting between landlord and tenant.
Alsop attributes the big-school shift to changes in the job market and balance of power between recruiters and grads.
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