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a cap that is close-fitting and woolen and covers all of the head but the face


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The case was aggravated by the fact that there were two of them and that Jones wore a balaclava helmet which prevented the victim from seeing his face.
He wore the mottled camouflage of South Africa, his clipped Afrikaner accent emerging from beneath a balaclava helmet and mask.
If Prince Charles had been there, as was rumoured, to see his favourite band, he would have been indistinguishable from the rest of us in his balaclava helmet.
The latest raid happened on Wednesday night, at Victoria Wine, when a man wearing a balaclava helmet threatened the manageress with a kitchen knife before escaping with pounds 250.
A BEARDED man dressed in overalls and a balaclava helmet stands on the untidy, snow-littered porch of his house showing off his model aircraft.
George Heyes (44) preyed on lone females as they walked near recreation grounds, churchyards and schools and subjected them to terrifying attacks hiding his identity with a hood or balaclava helmet.
On Tuesday, June 20, Mr Watkins, 50, was working alone in the post office when armed bandit Scott Griffiths burst in, toting a sawn-off double-barrelled shotgun and wearing a balaclava helmet.
The intruder was described as male, of stocky build, 5ft 8in and wearing a balaclava helmet.
David Coulthard was fourth fastest for McLaren but even his new and unusual cooling system in his balaclava helmet could not fully insulate him from the effects of the heat.
Mr Watkins was alone when he was confronted by Griffiths, who was wearing a balaclava helmet and toting a double-barrelled shotgun, at 10.
The woman was walking in a quiet area of the park at 7am when she was approached from behind by a man wearing a black balaclava helmet and dark clothes.
The court had heard that before the attack Hance assembled a "rapist kit", including a balaclava helmet, gloves, a knife, bottle of amyl nitrate, petroleum jelly and tights to tie and gag his victim
During the First World War, people on the Home Front would often knit items such as scarfs and balaclava helmets for the troops on the front line.
A witness due to give evidence at the Birmingham postal ballot-rigging trial said he was too frightened to attend court yesterday after four men disguised in balaclava helmets appeared threateningly outside his house.
Rapid heat loss can occur from the head, so head coverings, ranging from balaclava helmets to bump caps or insulated safety helmets, will be required