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a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)

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She said that the heinous murder of Bakshish was highly condemnable as he embraced Shahadat in the line of duty and I being the representative of the journalists would also demand the formation of a JIT, The minister of state pointed out that along with country's Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies, journalists remained on the frontline in the war against terrorism.
President Haripur Press Club (HPC) Zakir Tanooli along with other journalists protested against the killing of Bakshish Elahi and blocked the road.
I recall lots of waving of fingers, oranges and wastebins plus plenty of anguished looks - and offers of bakshish (cash
At the end of that time when some $20,000 of investor capital had been spent on preliminary work and the investors waited for government approval to begin trading, we were asked for $1million in bakshish to clear the final hurdle.
Despite a rich history of bakshish, the US-backed Karzai regime has scaled new heights of fraud.
While certain cultures accept the practice of bakshish or mordito as business-as-usual, U.
At Huddersfield Magistrates' Court on May 11, Bakshish Singh of Manchester Road, Longroyd Bridge, pleaded guilty to throwing two pieces of timber on to the A62 Manchester Road at Longroyd Bridge and failing to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice for the offence.
After the bazaar of Cairo the bazaar of Karachi was no surprise; and bakshish was the same in both languages.
Last Sheker Bayrami, he distributed bakshish to all the keepers of order hanging around him, without so much as a feinted good wish for their families.
Persuasion, bakshish and limitless time are needed to overcome the peculiar circumstances attending upon such a labour in Egypt.
The scam came to light after Bakshish Singh, from Patiala, in Punjab, accused Mehndi's brother Shamsher of demand-ing 1.
The boys came up on the promenade deck, clustering close to the rail and worshipping Miss Caruthers, who had flung them such a wealth of bakshish.
The Park's pan- Indian restaurant deserves to be more popular than it is, for it was the first ( then under Bakshish Dean's stewardship) to extend the frontiers of the standard Indian restaurant menu by picking up the best showpieces from kitchens across the country.
Chefs Bakshish Dean and Sunil Dutt have given Asia Seven, the pan-Asian restaurant at The Clarion, Delhi's Qutab Hotel, and at Palladium in Mumbai, a new menu.