baking hot

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as hot as if in an oven


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Nearly 90 drivers were drawn to throw their vehicles around the dry, rocky 214-kilometre track in a desolate, baking hot corner of Punjab province for this year's Cholistan Jeep Rally.
DEFENDING champion Victoria Azarenka and Caroline Wozniacki reached the second round of the Australian Open in contrasting styles on a baking hot day in Melbourne.
The baking hot sun didn't help and you're always running the risk of injury.
Beaten 1-0 by Ilkeston in their opening friendly, the Brewers trailed to a Josh Laws goal for Conference hosts Alfreton at a baking hot Impact Arena.
The memories came flooding back for father Ed who also endured a baking hot day back in 1976 during his win.
The deaths follow those of two German Shepherd police dogs, who were left to die in a baking hot car outside Nottinghamshire Police headquarters in July 2009.
It s baking hot in Chennai and we wanted to protect the pitch from the harsh sun," he told Reuters.
The Glaswegian-born presenter finished the BT Comic Relief Desert Trek at the end of last week, which saw nine celebrities trek across the baking hot Kaisut desert in northern Kenya.
If he carries on like this, he could still be wearing these gloves on a baking hot day in May," he added.
A whole generation of children will never know the pleasure of swimming in the outdoor pool (or toddlers splashing about in the paddling pool) and as a child growing up in Gabalfa in the 1960s and '70s, I can well remember sitting in a baking hot classroom on a summer's afternoon and gazing out of the window, longing for the last bell so that we could race home, grab our bathers and towel and skip off to Llandaff baths.
7DAYS has recently reported on several cruel acts carried out in the Emirates including cats being thrown from car windows, cats being eaten, dogs being left tied up in baking hot weather and chickens being burned alive.
The western Sahara is a baking hot and desolate place, home only to nomads and their camels, and to locusts, snails and thorny scrub.
At this time of year, the days are still short, the sun is not so strong, days may get warm, but not baking hot, and nights are still cool to cold.
She said: 'We were trapped on a baking hot train for an hour and ten minutes.
The hotel was awful, the food was awful and with temperatures of 36 [degrees] Celsius, it was baking hot.