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a workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or sold

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Close beside it one descried the quadrilateral enclosure of the fair of Saint- Germain, where the market is situated to-day; then the abbot's pillory, a pretty little round tower, well capped with a leaden cone; the brickyard was further on, and the Rue du Four, which led to the common bakehouse, and the mill on its hillock, and the lazar house, a tiny house, isolated and half seen.
Angelic Bakehouses success and growth is another example of Wisconsin working, said Governor Walker.
Governor Scott Walker took part in a groundbreaking ceremony at Angelic Bakehouse to celebrate a $10 million expansion.
Angelic Bakehouse sells a variety of baked goods made from sprouted grains, with non-GMO ingredients, and no artificial sweeteners, fats, or preservatives.