baked egg

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egg cooked individually in cream or butter in a small ramekin

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During the month of muffins with rice flour, the failure rate for baked egg challenge muffins rose from 28% (33/120) to 58% (11/19) with rice flour.
Baked egg custard is a good old-fashioned pudding that is ideal for Easter.
The wheat and flaxseed wrapper, combined with our all-natural ingredients, make the new egg rolls a healthy alternative to traditional oven baked egg rolls," Tsao commented.
We've been struggling to use their produce up so there's lots of French toast for breakfast, baked egg custards for lunch and on Sunday we made what was probably the world's biggest lemon meringue pie
DESSERT: Rhubarb and custard, baked egg custard with iced rhubarb, roasted rhubarb and almond crumb and mint syrup.
DESSERT Rhubarb and custard: baked egg custard with iced rhubarb, roasted rhubarb and almond crumb and mint syrup.
The starters menu boasts mouth-watering items such as baby spinach and artichoke tart with baked egg and parmesan, pounds 6.
The menu includes: Derbyshire Oxtail and Kidney Suet Pudding, Celeriac Puree and Rioja Syrup; Black Leg Chicken and Foie Gras Ballotine with d'Agen Prunes; 'Nose to Tail' Derbyshire Lamb with Pea Shoots and their Puree; Spiced Monkfish Tail with a Clam Nage, Turnip Fondant and Ginger Foam; Baked Egg Custard with Garibaldi Biscuits; Quince and Amaretto Trifle.
Over breakfast next morning (a baked egg dish, hot muffins, fresh fruit and juice), we learned a little bit about the house from owner Ken Torbert.
30am and finishes around 6pm, scooped a gold award for his baked egg custard in this year's Great Taste Awards 2013.
Eggs are the ideal ingredient for breakfast, lunch and dinner or even dessert - poached eggs on wholemeal toast, pizza omelette, egg and bacon sandwich or baked egg custard.
There's a decidedly old-fashioned feel to the dishes they make, with Galton opting for a treacle sponge with custard, while his opponent whips up a baked egg custard with summer fruits.
She was allowed to cook a main course and dessert of her choice, opting for seared beef with red wine gravy and garlic and butter bean mash, followed by baked egg custards with ice-cream and summer fruits.