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creeping raspberry of north temperate regions with yellow or orange berries

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Dave's exuberant response to bakeapples combines surprise at not being familiar with such a wonderful foodstuff, and pleasure in having finally "discovered" it.
Bakeapples in Labrador, for example, are believed by many to be superior to those in Newfoundland.
Rita attributes the difference between Newfoundland and Labrador bakeapples to climate.
Bakeapples (also known as bog-apple, yellowberry and cloudberry, particularly in Scandinavia, and baked apple berry), for example, composed of large drupelets or pericarps, have a form similar to raspberries and blackberries.
My visit on August 20, 2001, which coincided with the arrival of three tour buses, provided me the opportunity to explain what bakeapples are to a tourist from Quebec.
Georges, bakeapple festivals in Garnish (Newfoundland) and Forteau (Labrador) in August, and West St.
In nearby Forteau, the Bakeapple Festival in August celebrates the golden-coloured berries, also called cloudberries, which grow in abundance along the coast.
In 1994 Omohundro observed that bakeapple pickers in Labrador could earn several thousand dollars in a season.
Survey respondent Don Raymond wrote, "The bakeapple products were a revelation
English settlers who came afterward heard this as bakeapple, claims the tale.
The lichen-and moss-covered cliffs were as soft as pillows underfoot, and to our surprise, we found blue flag irises, ivory mushrooms, bakeapple blossoms and Labrador tea plants growing like weeds (2002).
Knudsen said, "People were looking to buy partridgeberry and bakeapple jam--we looked for a suitable product but couldn't find one" (Newfoundland 2002).
Bill decided to try some bakeapple "drinkable berries.
We especially liked the Bakeapple and Barrens Blend.
Rodrigues' wild berry wines include blueberry, partridgeberry (labeled as "lingonberry"), bakeapple (labeled "wild cloudberry"), and black currant, while their strawberry and cranberry wines come from cultivated patches.