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an oven consisting of a metal box for cooking in front of a fire

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iron or earthenware cooking pot

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You remember the Easy Bake Oven? Powered by two light bulbs, it baked small batches of cookies in about half an hour?
The coating was applied using the patented IGT #100-B electrostatic thermal spray powder gun system, which allows for the powder coating of parts without the need for a bake oven. IGT's proprietary foul release coating contains no environmentally harmful components and is designed to hinder the growth of marine life on the surface of the parts while at the same time, due to the smooth surface of the coating, allow for minimum resistance between the part surface and the water.
After all, it's not a catastrophe--that is, unless you're the makers of the Easy Bake Oven. The problem is that the toy that has been helping kids bake cookies since the 1960s has always used a 100-watt bulb as its heat source (evidently its inefficiency was good for something).
With a range of hand-crafted, authentic wood-fired ovens suitable for indoor and outdoor use, The Stone Bake Oven Company, www.thestonebakecompany.co.uk, has everything any enthusiastic al fresco cook might need to get started on such a cooking adventure!
TIM ALLEN has confessed he used to love playing kitchens with his Easy Bake oven as a child.
According to Solutia, the investment includes bake oven, thermal bath, pummel testing equipment and an impact tower.
SITE Services introduces a new high-temperature manual bake oven that offers precise and repeatable bake performance for process control in semiconductor development.