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1,000 baiza equal 1 riyal-omani in Oman

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Second issue: Banknotes issued in 1972 under the supervision of Oman Currency Board (100 baisa, Quarter rial, Half rial, One rial, 5 rials, 10 rials)
Also gunning for repeat wins are Anthony Baisa in the Master class, Brice Vincent Baisa in the Formula Cadet Expert race and Nocom In the Cadel Novice division.
The Baisas and Abubakar figured in an argument that led to the Baisas grabbing bottles from their car, city police chief Col.
Moreover, the issue of sexual harassment was featured in more than one series, whether verbally or physically such as the series of Weld El Ghalaba, Qamar Hadea, El zoga 18, Princesa Baisa, Mamlaket El Ghagar (kingdom of Gypsies).
SMN Power was the top loser, closing at 239 baisa, down by 35 per cent.
M91 is currently priced at 199 baisa per litre, while M95 is priced at 213 baisa per litre.
Mohammad Al-Hashel who presented a specie, commemorating the 130th anniversary of the first Kuwaiti coin currency "Baisa 1886-2016", to the Amir.
Bank Muscat shareholders on Wednesday (20 March 2013) granted approval for raising its authorised capital from OMR 250 million to OMR 350 million, with a nominal value of 100 Baisa each
Over that last week the value of stock in AHEC (listed as HECI on the exchange) has risen by 2.86%, with its shares closing 10 baisa higher at a price of 0.18 Omani rials.
Beef imports from Nicaragua have still not become a reality in the face of opposition by Panamanian farmers to the prices of imported meat quotas after the removal of restrictions being set outside the National Stock Products (Baisa), reports (March 23, 2012).
Oman's Nawras had gone public in an IPO in November 2010 at OR0.70 (700 baisa).
Under the promotion, customers can send MMS or picture messages to any mobile customer in the Sultanate and even to email addresses for a whole day after sending just three messages at the regular price of only 45 Baisa, said a Nawras statement.
I have the utmost admiration for Nawras but I cannot justify the pricing range of the IPO at 704 - 904 baisa. However, if Nawras trades at 600 baisa or lower in the secondary market after retail investors (70 per cent of the allotees) sell their shares, it will converge to my fair value paradigm.
Delinear's founder, the award-winning furniture and rug designer Chris Baisa, has pushed the envelope with his lustrous new banana rugs, available to consumers at $85 a square foot.
Chris Baisa, founder and president of Delinear Designs, recently introduced Delinear Rugs as an extension of his 8-year-old company, which specializes in interior and product design.