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The judge then granted bail at RM1 million with two Malaysians as bailors, and ordered that his passport be surrendered to the court and for a travel ban to be imposed on him until a decision is reached in this money-laundering case.
Kumarendran said the two bailors Azizan Osman and Nor Izham Puteh are not Riza's relatives, while Riza's other lawyer Azrul said they are close family friends.
Section 13(2) excludes leases or bailments where the lessor or bailor' is not regularly engaged in the business of [leasing or] bailing goods' respectively.
(46) Under PPSA section 14 PMSIs include the interest of a vendor under a retention of title arrangement and those of a lessor or bailor under a PPS lease and of a consignor under a commercial consignment.
Vesting exclusive ownership in individual researchers would reduce research institutions to little more than bailees, hard-pressed to maintain the integrity of their bailor's tissue collection.
(140) Here, the individual bailor, e.g., a couple with fertility problems, deposits their biological tissue, e.g., fertilized preembryos, with a bailee, e.g., a fertility clinic, for safe keeping until the need for the tissue arises.
(35) The person who delivers the property is the bailor; the person to whom it is delivered is the bailee.
Gratuitous bailments are for the sole benefit of either the bailor or the bailee.
The person transferring possession of the property is called the bailor; the person receiving possession is the bailee.
This argument foundered however on the court's finding that the bailment claims fell outside the scope of the Treaty, which the family dodged by the simple device of suing as bailors rather than as victims of the original expropriation: "...
Bailors of cultural chattels can also learn from this case.
When a bailed chattel has become lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged while in the bailee's possession, and the bailor sues for damages, the bailee must show on the balance of probabilities that the adverse event did not result from any failure on the bailee's part to exercise reasonable care and skill in the custody and management of the chattel.
Two women, believed to be her bailors, arrived at the court about 10.15am and went straight to the bail payment counter on the ground floor of the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex at Jalan Duta here, to sign the necessary documents.
Muhammad Farhan arrived at the Jalan Duta Court Complex at 11.50am, accompanied by his father's two bailors and the matter was settled by 1.30pm.
Jamal, who previously fled the country before he was nabbed by Indonesian police, was represented by high-profile lawyer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah and was ordered to have three different bailors for the cases.