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(criminal law) money that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial

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Many residents have been helped by this bail bond agency and have written several glowing reviews on Google and Facebook.
But, Senator Abaribe, in his motion on notice wants, 'An order of the court compelling the Chief of Army Staff, on failure to produce 1st defendant/2nd respondent (Kanu), to pay to the court the sum in the bail bond earlier executed by the applicant on behalf of 1st defendant/2nd respondent.
Actor Salman Khan may appear before the court of the District and Sessions Judge in Jodhpur on Thursday for verification of bail bonds submitted by him in a case of illegal possession of arms that he allegedly used to kill black bucks in 1998.
Bad Boys had provided the disputed documents to Yowell in an attempt to prove that Bad Boys had used its Bad Boys Bail Bonds and design mark prior to the filing date of Yowell's registration.
In order to ensure that the person returns to court and proves she has met the requirements, the judge can require her to purchase a bail bond.
They claimed, in a habeas corpus plea, that a bail bond was not mandatory and Kejriwal should have been let off on a written undertaking instead.
Naturally, the commercial bail bond industry opposes such suggestions.
Senator Joseph Crisco (D), who co-sponsored the 2011 legislation in Connecticut, says enhanced oversight of the bail bond industry will allow agencies to audit, investigate and enforce sanctions on bond companies and professionals that operate outside of the new regulations.
The powerful financial incentive that is built into the bail system is what makes the bail bond industry so effective at what it does: getting defendants to show up for court.
However, the group's product concentration, limited financial flexibility and heavy costs related to administering its bail bond business offset the positive factors.
Betrayal, Murder, and Greed: The True Story of a Bounty Hunter and a Bail Bond Agent" tells the tale of Pam Phree, a woman who has entered the bail bond industry and has vowed to turn the typically shady industry into a more respectable when her peers often exploit it out of greed.
People want great customer service when they need a bail bond company and they also want someone who has a good working relationship with the courts, attorneys and other bail bond companies," Arps said.
THE brother of a senior policeman who killed his mother-in-law and then committed suicide while awaiting trial for murdering his wife may be forced to pay a pounds 200,000 bail bond.
The reason is that the mysterious Diesel (as opposed to the mysterious Ranger) shows up unexpectedly offering her a deal: in exchange for Stephanie playing matchmaker, he'll trade Annie Hart, a relationship expert who skipped out on her bail bond for armed robbery.
Choo, who wrote this month's cover story about the Chapmans and their bail bond business.