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Synonyms for baggy

Synonyms for baggy

not fitting closely

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You see the ads now--the diaper moves with the baby, baby can walk and you don't get sags or bagginess.
Some pointed out that if you turn up in shorts at French swimming pools you get kicked out toute suite because our Continental cousins think their very bagginess is capable of harbouring all sorts of nasties.
And neither did I as the wasps came out to investigate at ankle level and found my legs and the enticing bagginess of my shorts.
New, ergonomically-designed formers, which enhance fit and comfort, reduce hand fatigue and stress and offer a more secure fit without bagginess.
stretch their normal minds by gabbing about rock and rap music, a teacher's neat BMW, who's going with whom, appropriate bagginess of faded jeans, $125 running shoes, and whatever else might by the latest fad or topic" (p.
Among his perspectives are the sweet deceits of piety, getting God wrong, simplifying the divine, reasoning God into existence, ironic theology, and the bagginess of nature.
A reduction in the size of goalie blocking pads already has been legislated, and the new jersey tops are streamlined to reduce bagginess under the armpits.
My eyes lost some of their bagginess, but to my amazement my neck (a real age giveaway) looked thinner.
The music was incredible, a choice selection of indie hits from the glory days of Madchester and bagginess.
Its bagginess on the scrawny Pope's shoulders contrasts with the taut, nailed-down stretch of the upholstered velvet of his chair.
This helps reduce bagginess developing around the jawline.
In The True Story of the Novel, Margaret Anne Doody invites us to celebrate long prose fiction for the very reasons that straight-laced critics deplore it--for its looseness, bagginess and monstrosity, its femaleness and formlessness, its promiscuity and vulgarity.