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Synonyms for baggy

Synonyms for baggy

not fitting closely

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k w hea by hi "I clothes and w "I had the baggiest clothes and wore basketball jerseys, bandanas, baseball caps and a chain.
The rangers are fully alert in Karachi to meet any untoward situation, he said, adding that, law and order situation in country's baggiest city of Karachi would be made better.
We had school uniform and I made sure that I wore the biggest, baggiest jumper I could find.
She would wear the baggiest clothes she could find and constantly scrutinise her figure.
Even his heavenly face fails to draw attention away from those pants - which look to the world as if he's raided his girlfriend's knicker drawer and come up with the biggest, baggiest pair he could find.
Duncan appeared at one stage, scooter in hand, dressed in the baggiest jeans I think I've seen, and with a skateboard chain at his waist.
I just try to find the baggiest pants possible from Walmart.
The carnival is the baggiest event of the youth of Pakistan which also carrying a prize money of Rs 5 million.
"When I began running round the streets, pushing my son in his pram, I put on the baggiest T-shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms as I didn't feel confident enough to wear running gear.
I have a wardrobe selection which I have nicknamed 'ill clothes' which consists of my 15 year old brother's baggiest tracksuit bottoms, an oversized t-shirt which I had acquired in my uni days from an unnamed victim, pink fluffy socks and a hoodie.