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Synonyms for baggage

Synonyms for baggage

a vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety

Synonyms for baggage

a worthless or immoral woman

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the portable equipment and supplies of an army

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The baggage! The baggage!' He could hear the speaker literally dancing on the grass.
Release date- 15082019 - As from 2020, Air France will ensure baggage tracking at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport using tags equipped with RFID chips in cooperation with Paris Aeroport.
For more than a year of work at the Simferopol airport, the domestic baggage handling system showed excellent results, working smoothly even during the peak season.
In a statement on Tuesday, the company said that the baggage allowance on all commercial flights operating out of Saudi Arabia is uniformly 40 Kilograms, and the additional allowance will remain exclusive to the customers carrying the holy water.
One of the biggest contributors to that jump was the ( $1.3 billion in baggage fees airlines were able to bring in during the first quarter of 2019.
The new baggage allowance covers one bicycle, which must be packaged within a purpose-designed cover, weighing 15 kg or less.
Other common causes for baggage mishandling worldwide are ticketing errors, bag switches, security issues, airport, customs, and weather or space-weight restrictions.
Its giant baggage system was declared ready in December 2017, some ten months before the new airport's official date.
According to an Emirates circular, several fare types will have their baggage allowance reduced by 5kg.
As per the new baggage policy, the airport will not accept bags that might disrupt the systems.
Talking to The Nation, Shahzad said that his cousin and other pilgrims had booked seats on PIA's PK-736 from Jaddah to Peshawar which not only tortured the passengers with 24 hours delay but also left their valuable baggage at Jeddah airport.
There will be a total of 13 baggage drop-off kiosks installed in the second terminal of Taiwan's main gateway, said TIAC President Hsiao Ting-ko.
"Out-of-gauge baggage is basically baggage that is too large, too light, too heavy, too fragile, does not have at least one flat surface, or can damage or reduce the system capacity.
IATA Resolution 753 requires airlines to track bags at four specific points in the baggage journey to ensure that at any time the status of each bag is known, facilitating a more pro-active customer approach to managing baggage challenges.
'Beginning July 19, 2018, Cebu Pacific will strictly enforce our policy on hand-carry baggage acceptance,' the airline said.