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Synonyms for bagful

the quantity that a bag will hold


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Far happier in the mountainous wilds of Epirus, northern Greece, where your columnist is presently working his way through a bagful of English novels.
Prosecutor Diane Williams said of the pair, from Kirkby, Merseyside: "They came here in tandem, pre-planned and had the audacity to come back through security with a case and bagful of goods."
Even worse, had there been a terrorist with a bagful of explosives in the queue then holding hundreds of people in a confined space it would have resulted in carnage if a device was set off.
Members of the Philippine National Police's Special Action Force (SAF) seized a bagful of 'shabu' (methamphetamine hydrochloride) during a raid inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) on Monday.
Lianshan Mountain residents are capitalizing on their coveted fresh air, selling it by the plastic bagful with signs that read: "Air without industrial pollution" and "Buying air equals buying health."
JOHN MOORE'S trip to Argentina for the World Transplant Games resulted in a bagful of medals.
New Delhi, India, April 19, 2015 --( Mediajackers enters Delhi with a bagful of promises to deliver the very best in Digital Marketing Services in their program for expanding their services in India.
Finishing eighth and fifth respectively in the races, Brown once again grabbed a bagful of points in the Trioptions Ducati Challenge.
Huge Teesside favourite Jason Cook is special guest MC, and comes direct from the Edinburgh fringe with a bagful of glowing reviews under his arm.
T"PADDINGTON Bear" delivered a bagful of " marmalade sandwiches to the ECH's office yesterday - it was a bread firm's PR stunt, but its timing was impeccable as this month also sees the launch of a new collection of classic Paddington tales by Michael Bond.
The skipper booted a bagful of points and inspired his men to show their talents.
Not many people would have taken on the challenge but, armed with a bagful of medicines, Carrie-Anne quickly bonded with Tilly Mint.
Together with Guy Roberts (58) and George Linde (34), Ughradar guided Lytham to an untroubled 203-3 in just 39.3 overs to bank a bagful of points and shorten the odds on their lifting the title with several games to spare.
In his 24-month tenure as the Army Chief, General Singh courted a bagful of controversies, ranging from dragging the government to Court over the issue of his age, letter leaks, bribery allegations, lack of defence preparedness, and most recently, issuing of a show-cause notice to Lt.
According to the report published in Saturday's edition of NYT, Iran paid bagful of cash to Omar Daudzai, President Hamid Karzai's chief of staff.