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Synonyms for gobbledygook

unintelligible or nonsensical talk or language

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incomprehensible or pompous jargon of specialists

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It's bafflegab for talk, more talk, and even more talk; committee meetings, First Ministers' meetings, regularly scheduled meetings with the Prime Minister's Office.
She meant one foot in clarity and simplicity and the other in bafflegab.
Energy developers will have to prove the profitability of every project, in contrast to the days when Enron's breezy bafflegab satisfied the auditors and regulators who were supposedly minding the store.
Requirements such as swift flows of quality information, statements of governance principles, and procedures for full and effective participation of all directors seem like mere bafflegab.
As the bureaucrats droned on with their bafflegab, Dowling was watching the clock, wondering how late he'd be for evening chores.
The writing eschews post-structuralist bafflegab and is admirably lucid without being in any way simplistic.
No one made life difficult for us; no one hid behind a fog of bureaucratic bafflegab.
It must write a convincing proposal on the subject chosen, in fullest academic bafflegab, so as to impress some foundation or other to pay the newspaper to cover what it should have been covering all along.
One might even see newspapers and magazines, in the current bafflegab, as members of a "victim" class.
Laura Rittenhouse, founder and president of Rittenhouse CEO Candor Rankings, made the case for CEO candor and linguistic integrity in annual reports during the event's keynote presentation, "Candor in the Age of Bafflegab.
Rumour has it that when Rick "Big Cod" Hillier dared to swim against Conservative bafflegab and speak his own mind, neither knife nor net would suit the blue-clad powers of Stephen Harper's inner sanctum.
the parts of Williams' answer that I have quoted represent less than a tenth of the bafflegab that followed.
But stooges who use bafflegab of all sorts- legal and otherwise- just to preserve unjustly held wealth and power are not true advocates- they are toadies.
Florid oratory is one thing; plain old bafflegab is another.
At the luncheon program, Laura Rittenhouse, founder and president of Rittenhouse CEO Candor Rankings, will make the keynote presentation, "Candor in the Age of Bafflegab.