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  • noun

Synonyms for badness

Synonyms for badness

whatever is destructive or harmful


Synonyms for badness

that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency

used of the degree of something undesirable e

an attribute of mischievous children

References in classic literature ?
The instrument is the same, but about the excellence or badness of it the maker will only attain to a correct belief; and this he will gain from him who knows, by talking to him and being compelled to hear what he has to say, whereas the user will have knowledge?
Then he will no more have true opinion than he will have knowledge about the goodness or badness of his imitations?
There was badness enough in the captain taking all that money, but I don't think there was much goodness in the prince giving it.
upon which the poor girl smiled, perhaps at the badness of the Latin, and, when her mistress cast her eyes on her, blushed, possibly with a consciousness of having laughed at her master.
And here he dealt out justice and mercy in a rough way, and begat sons and daughters, and hunted the fox, and grumbled at the badness of the roads and the times.
His gaze remained fixed on the ribs of the horse, self-conscious and sombre, as though he were afraid to look about him at the badness of the world.
However, this I bore with, and was content to work it out with patience, and bear with the badness of the performance.
3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- DomainTools, the leader in domain and DNS-based cyber threat intelligence, today announced that Tim Helming, Director of Product Management, will co-host an upcoming webinar with Dark Reading, 'Where Badness Lurks: New Threats Demand a New Cartography', that will present practical ways organizations can uncover patterns of malicious internet activity and defend themselves against future cyberattacks.
perilous state of the environment and to our own "madness, badness,
It fails me how they can profit from it, other than doing it for badness.
It seems they deserve a medal for what they did but you can only see badness in the Royals and none of the good they do.
LIKE when you meet Mrs Lovell and catch her gaze, and it orders you to stop and bear witness, I can't disengage from the immediate impulse that there's just badness circulating all around this one.
If I had a radio, I might call in an artillery strike just to see these limbs explode, tune up the badness, not because I hate my Father, his false Utopias, but because only then I might fall in love.
The event features a mixture of national names including The Selecter, The Small Fakers, Badness and The Southmartins as well as local acts DC Fontana, The Jam DRC, Tempting Rosie, Little Liam and The Coopers Samuel Rogers Band.
Susan Bradley, 64, from Toxteth, said: "All you hear is badness about the NHS, but I wanted to say how marvellous they were.