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Second, there is the order of explanation I have proposed, on which it is our hatred of pain that is basic (and in some way a response to pain's objective badness for us), and evolution selected for beings for whom injury merely happened to be painful, thereby leading to injury being painful for all of us today.
So in the Flint example, your brain anticipates a threat and your cortisol level spikes, readying your body for action, but a feeling of general badness calls for no specific action.
Lee (philosophy, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY) presents a fascinating study of four figures of alterity that appear at the very beginning of Descartes' Meditations: blindness, madness, dreaminess, and badness.
Melbourne, September 7 ( ANI ): Naomi Wolf, the author of 'Vagina" A New Biography', has claimed that the "badness" women are attracted to isn't literal badness but the sexual appeal of "otherness, wilderness and the dimensions of the unknown" in her new book.
Festival-goers can also look forward to live music from Mike McGrother's Rogues, originally from Teesside, ex-Lindisfarne vocalist Marty Craggs and his band The Happy Cats and ska tribute band Badness.
For the record, wagering on the annual March Madness tournament makes you guilty of March Badness.
Just for badness, I think I'll get the L-plates on and drive down tomorrow.
Badness and wrongness cannot properly be located in the world.
I submit that speakers who cry foul pressure opponents to repair or abandon questionable tactics by making a norm determinate, and by making manifest the badness of the tactic and that the speaker is exercising forbearance.
Asked just how bad the Budget measures would be, he said: "I do not see it as badness - I see it as decisive action to deal with Britain's record budget deficit.
Children's Books The Badness of Ballydog by Garrett Carr.
Among the rush of badness in the news, it's nice to see our side getting recognized for doing something right.
There are 50 individuals, 43 men and 7 women, who meet the author's criteria regarding badness in this book.
Is badness easier or more difficult to define than greatness?
Martin gurns and pratfalls for all he is worth but there is no disguising the weakness of the script, the gut-punching badness of many of the jokes and the overwhelming pointlessness of the whole thing.