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Synonyms for badness

Synonyms for badness

whatever is destructive or harmful


Synonyms for badness

that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency

used of the degree of something undesirable e

an attribute of mischievous children

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Similarly, Goodman renders kusalamula, literally 'root of kusala [excellence, goodness, whole-someness]' as 'wholesome action'--even though the text also speaks at length of accumulating kus'alamulas, which is the reason Goodman had articulated for not translating papa as 'badness'.
She can say that our hatred of pain is in some way a response to pain's objective badness for us.
It's important to note that you've created that vague feeling of badness. Neuroscience has shown that human brains are not "reactive" organs that merely respond to the world in some predetermined way, such as spiking your blood pressure when you see the word Daesh.
Melbourne, September 7 ( ANI ): Naomi Wolf, the author of 'Vagina" A New Biography', has claimed that the "badness" women are attracted to isn't literal badness but the sexual appeal of "otherness, wilderness and the dimensions of the unknown" in her new book.
For the record, wagering on the annual March Madness tournament makes you guilty of March Badness. The government, you see, frowns on any gambling it does not sanction, meaning any it cannot license and profit by.
Badness and wrongness cannot properly be located in the world.
I submit that speakers who cry foul pressure opponents to repair or abandon questionable tactics by making a norm determinate, and by making manifest the badness of the tactic and that the speaker is exercising forbearance.
Asked just how bad the Budget measures would be, he said: "I do not see it as badness - I see it as decisive action to deal with Britain's record budget deficit.
(1) Is their "badness" the polar opposite of "greatness"?
The opera company is also giving members of the public the chance to see a specially commissioned chamber opera, Sweetness and Badness, at the Crescent Theatre on Tuesday at 1.30pm for just pounds 2.50.
It is very cathartic because you get all that badness and anger and stuff out of you on stage"
He said: "You need to know him but, in his box, he has a good temperament and there is no badness in him at all.
HE'S the Tango-tanned bundle of badness who went off the rails when serial killer stepdad Richard Hillman tried to do him in.
"In terms of real badness there have been few incidents and I hope that continues to be the case."
Bad Guy is "over flowing with super badness power." Liar is the greatest liar ever, while Skeleton wears clothes and Meanie is not actually very mean.