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Synonyms for badinage

Synonyms for badinage

good-natured teasing

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frivolous banter

References in classic literature ?
Jealous as Arthur Welsh was of all who inflicted gay badinage, however gentlemanly, on Maud Peters, he never forgot that he was an artist.
Mr Shute had lowered with ease the record for gay badinage, hitherto held by the red-faced customer; yet to all appearances there had been no change in Arthur's manner.
But he had found that humdrum world in a terribly dynamic condition, in which even badinage and lyrism had turned explosive; and the first day of this visit had become the most fatal epoch of his life.
He was at home here, and he held his own royally in the badinage, bristling with slang and sharpness, that was always the preliminary to getting acquainted in these swift-moving affairs.
Then, too, at Sunday picnics or when coming home from the show, either arm betrayed a practised familiarity in stealing around girls' waists, while he displayed a wit keen and delightful in the flirtatious badinage that was expected of a good fellow in his class.
But he continued to talk of his glorious father-in-law, and it was in the course of that conversation that he told me how, when the Liverpool relations of the poet's late wife naturally addressed themselves to him in considerable concern, suggesting a friendly consultation as to the boy's future, the incensed (but always refined) poet wrote in answer a letter of mere polished badinage which offended mortally the Liverpool people.
The diners accepted the revelation in various ways--some incredulously, some with congratulations; others turned upon her the stream of badinage that had hitherto been directed at Aileen alone.
So well as I can make out,' said Mr Dennis, in a tone of mingled badinage and remonstrance, 'there's not a man among you.
Samuel Weller's hat on one side of his head, and bearing, in one hand, a most enormous sandwich, while, in the other, he supported a goodly-sized case-bottle, to both of which he applied himself with intense relish, varying the monotony of the occupation by an occasional howl, or the interchange of some lively badinage with any passing stranger.
You can control your badinage and click yourself away when boredom lurks.
A sort of Super, Super, Super set of Sundays in modern-day badinage.
You've got an iconographic format -- the fast badinage of the duo.
Take a trip on a local bus or a walk down a Huddersfield town centre street on a Saturday afternoon, and you may well hear some choice language and obscenities exchanged as if it were normal banter and badinage.
All produce a bawdy saturnalia of song, dance, topical jesting and, in the original performance at the Theatre Royal Stratford East, impromptu interludes that drew the playwright himself into spontaneous badinage with actors, highlighting the artifice of the play.
But there's also a surprisingly good game beneath the badinage.