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Synonyms for badinage

Synonyms for badinage

good-natured teasing

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frivolous banter

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We see some of the components of Aristotle's concept of happiness (Ethics 1.8), namely, virtuous activity, friendship, moderate wealth, and good fortune, all in a spirit of witty badinage and wonder.
Osinbajo has ostensibly begun his own badinage, albeit on a ribald front.
? One of our own For all the badinage thrown Rowett's way, Jack Butland received a far warmer reception from the Blues fans.
"500 Words You Should Know" is Caroline Taggart's instructive reference for anyone who has ever wanted to ameliorate their atavistic lexicon, engage in a little intellectual badinage, or been discombobulated by tricky diction.
Comedy / An Evening with Smug Roberts and Guests Manchester cult comedy hero Andy Wilkinson, aka Smug Roberts, is joined by special guests Terry Christian and Clint Boon for an evening of top-notch comedy and general badinage.
ITV4 then, to feast upon more delightful Champion/McCoist badinage.
Arnold discovers 'Parterre', a character in Boissy's Le Badinage (1733) hitherto unknown to both Rameau reception history and Jeffrey Ravel's The Contested Parterre (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1999).
In my industry flirtation and badinage and quips make it fun and harmless - you take it with a pinch of salt.
Or whatever word posh people use for banter probably badinage.
You'll feel the affront at the twin "stack-a-prole" housing projects that rear up like a giant two-fingered salute to the Boroughs, "two upended and pissperfumed sarcophagi that would replace the tenant's back-wall badinage and summer doorstep idylls with more vertical arrangements, thin-air isolation and the tension rising with each number lit up in the climbing after-curfew lift, a suicide's-eye view of what had been done to the territory around them that was inescapable."
He is no raconteur by his own admission but he did tell the crowd he was pleased to be there, thanked them for turning out and explained that he was not big on inter-song badinage. Yells of support confirmed that the audience were simply content to have the music.
Wine, food, etc., often gives an extraordinary quickness, vivacity, rapidity, facility, fecundity of ideas, of reasoning, of imagining, of witticisms, of quips, sallies, repartee, resources, clever badinage, extreme subtleties of thought, profundity, abstruse truths, tenacity ...
This being Shakespeare, even first-time writer Shakespeare, there are lovers to be thwarted, friends to be betrayed, bandits to be confronted - and what everyone would have to agree is some fairly woeful wordplay that puts the bad into badinage.
The men I work with now would be horrified to hear what was the daily badinage when I first entered the business, so it can't be the environment that's put- ting women off.
You can control your badinage and click yourself away when boredom lurks.