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Synonyms for badge

Synonyms for badge

an emblem of honor worn on one's clothing

something visible or evident that gives grounds for believing in the existence or presence of something else

Words related to badge

an emblem (a small piece of plastic or cloth or metal) that signifies your status (rank or membership or affiliation etc.)

any feature that is regarded as a sign of status (a particular power or quality or rank)

put a badge on

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The badge is a way for us to have value-proposition conversations with young people and pitch it to the marketplace," she says.
The work students complete to earn the course's Five Pillars badge (focused on self-direction, goal-setting and communicating knowledge) has the viral effect of motivating students in following years to reach the same achievements.
Rolls-Royce Black Badge speaks to the darker, more assertive, confident and demanding aesthetic of a new breed of Rolls-Royce customer.
A further day of action will be held later in the year where enforcement officers will again be giving extra focus to the users of blue badges within the borough.
Coun David Galliers, chairman of Coventry City Council's licensing and regulatory committee, said: "It is not necessary to use one of these sites to apply for a Blue Badge.
We continued with focused blue badge enforcement throughout 2014-15, which resulted in more cases going through the court system.
It also sends members an e-mail to claim any badge they've earned and explains how to set up and share the badge online.
Though some of those employees, who are charged with uncovering waste, fraud and abuse for the agency, already carried badges, Stick and his then-chief of staff ordered the new badges in 2013 after some investigators complained that their old ones "were not taken serious enough by providers or potential witnesses," Stick wrote in an email to The Texas Tribune.
The city council, which prosecutes drivers for fraudulently using the passes, said motorists wrongly using the badges were either "lazy or avoiding parking charges".
One valuable benefit is the ability for a student to display a badge on his or her resume.
So the animal friend activity badge is in cahoots with Pets at Home, hiking belongs to Cotswold Outdoor and Microsoft is involved with the information technology staged activity.
AT A meeting of the executive committee of the Federation of Discharged Soldiers and Sailors, held at the Criterion Hotel, Liverpool, it was reported that there had been instances of men, who had no right to do so, wearing the silver badge awarded to discharged and disabled soldiers and sailors.
A CRACKDOWN on abuse of the blue badge disabled parking system was unveiled at Holyrood yesterday.
If everyone wears a badge that shows the number of years they've been in Dubai, others can choose to either engage or not.
According to Sheryl Grant, director of social networking for the Digital Media and Learning Competition, "I think it's fair to say that most of the discussion and on-the-ground building of badge systems so far has been about K-12.