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a mineral consisting of zirconium oxide

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This means if a baddeleyite crystal contains any lead, it can only have come from the decay of uranium, thus the mineral provides a more accurate clock.
Baddeleyite is useful because it incorporates large amounts of uranium into its crystal-structure, and because uranium naturally decays to lead.
For example, the U-Pb zircon and baddeleyite ages of 201 Ma for the Palisades and Gettysburg sills obtained by Dunning and Hodych (1990) contrast with variably younger ages obtained using the K-Ar and [sup.
It was also announced at the same time that the Zirconium Sulphate Tetrahydrate (ZST) plant would cease operations in its current form on 31 May 2001 as the expected reduction in zirconia available to the baddeleyite plants is occurring earlier than anticipated and has rendered the ZST plant uneconomic.
1987, Precise U-Pb isotopic ages of diabase dykes and mafic to ultramafic rocks using trace amounts of baddeleyite and zircon, in Halls, H.