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Doesn't communicate clear expectations 58% Plays favorites 57% Apathetic about my career and personal development 55% Bad-mouths people behind their backs 54% Isn't open or interested in feedback 54% Wants to prove him/herself right 52% Isn't self-aware 51% Betrays trust 51% Doesn't listen 50% Puts his/her needs in front of my needs 48% The 10 Traits of Good Managers
Were I to bad-mouth my employer today, I would first sweep the room using one of those gadgets detectives use in movies, to ensure that it has no bugs.
Q"MY HUSBAND and I have recently separated, and he constantly bad-mouths me to the kids, which makes me want to say similar things about him, but I know that's no good for the kids.
A good rule is not to believe that people bad-mouthed her.
My first impulse was to feel sorry for the speaker's nephew, who had to be in school while his pea-brained uncle got to go to glamorous parties in Park City, Utah, and bad-mouth Gus Van Sant's visionary new movie.
Some hate the company and bad-mouth it all the time.
Seems so in French Montana's case, who according to his close friend, used to dislike Khloe Kardashian and bad-mouth her before they started dating.
"I'm not going to bad-mouth Calvin or Jerry because they've done me a lot of good," said Allen.
A lot of people bad-mouth bus drivers and companies.
Do not bad-mouth your former spouse in front of your child, even if you are still angry or arguing, no matter how hard this is.
"It is very disappointing that when Kevin Keegan resigned, the FA said they were desperate to keep him and now they are looking to bad-mouth him," said Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association.
It is no wonder so many people bad-mouth the press, including celebrities.
He said: "Me and AJ have a great relationship, I'd never bad-mouth the guy.
I HAVE never met or spoken to Michael Calvin, nor has Adam Crozier - or if we have he didn't make any impression as neither of us can recollect it - but he is prepared to bad-mouth us in his column in the Mail on Sunday, a newspaper which is going more and more down market.
He said: "Me and AJ have a great relationship, I would never bad-mouth the guy.