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The restaurant should be located at a safe distance from bad odor, smoke, dust and other contaminators and should also be built away from the path of floods and water streams.
We were studying in our classroom when we smelt a bad odor and fell unconscious," said a seventh grade student Hangama.
The IDF has been using the power of bad odor to keep violence at bay; now the askunka will come from the air as well.
We typically think of armpits as the source of bad odor, but there are other body parts that can start to stink when we sweat.
It will neutralize any odor-causing molecule caused by any bad odor.
Dog waste not only has a bad odor, but it's bacteria-filled that is harmful to humans - especially children - and they should never be exposed to it.
The high-quality inner surface improves the flow of black water and eliminates the risk of water stagnation, often the reason for bacteria and bad odor.
Six months after the surgery, the abnormal bleeding returned with increased volume and a bad odor.
After the Board of Health received a complaint of a very bad odor around 9 a.
I wanted to keep a compost bucket in the tipi for vegetable scraps, but was concerned about the composting material causing a bad odor.
Those who worked for them, or with them, may spend a lot of time scrubbing off the bad odor.
Among the six other kinds of pollution, complaints related to soil contamination and bad odor also saw increases, while those for noise pollution and vibration decreased.
The residents said that there was no proper system of solid waste treatment and open drains run through the city, emitting bad odor.
We typically think of smelly armpits as the cause of bad odor, but there ate other body parts that can start to stink when we sweat.
Asked if those who work at the plant are as aware of the bad odor as the plant's neighbors, Mr.