bad luck

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Synonyms for bad luck

an unpredictable outcome that is unfortunate

unnecessary and unforeseen trouble resulting from an unfortunate event

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And jist wid that in cum'd the little willian himself, and then he made me a broth of a bow, and thin he said he had ounly taken the liberty of doing me the honor of the giving me a call, and thin he went on to palaver at a great rate, and divil the bit did I comprehind what he wud be afther the tilling me at all at all, excipting and saving that he said "pully wou, woolly wou," and tould me, among a bushel o' lies, bad luck to him, that he was mad for the love o' my widdy Misthress Tracle, and that my widdy Mrs.
Cruncher, who all this time had been putting on his clothes, "if I ain't, what with piety and one blowed thing and another, been choused this last week into as bad luck as ever a poor devil of a honest tradesman met with
It's hardly worth while to pry into young men's fooleries: it wouldn't have made any difference to you, sir, if I'd not had the bad luck to lose Wildfire.
The line shows," says the Madame, "that ye've not arrived at your time of life without bad luck.
He's my uncle, - dad's own brother, - an' ef there's any bad luck loose on the Banks she'll fetch up ag'in' Uncle Salters, sure.
Wan hunder an' forty-nine an' a half - bad luck to ye, Discobolus
The Russians had such bad luck that people were afraid of them and liked to put them out of mind.
Sandy and I discussed his story, as we rode along, and she said that La Cote's bad luck had begun with the very beginning of that trip; for the king's fool had overthrown him on the first day, and in such cases it was customary for the girl to desert to the conqueror, but Maledisant didn't do it; and also persisted after- ward in sticking to him, after all his defeats.
Astonished and mortified at such unusual bad luck, he at length conceived the idea that there was some odor about his person of which the beaver got scent and retreated at his approach.
But I've just had the bad luck to come out of the sky, skip the solid earth, and land lower down than I intended.
She didn't tell me more than once about her husband's bad luck in not getting Canada, and she never even mentioned her girls.
An' if bad luck comes to him I'll never forgive you, Skipper," he flung roughly over his shoulder.
And you have touched me, sir, touched me to the heart, coming all the way out here on such a night, and running such risks, just to say good-bye to poor Dag Daughtry, who always meant somewhat well but had bad luck.
People who believe black cats are bad luck also believe in ghosts.
A black cat crossing your path will bring bad luck | If you have 13 letters in your name, you will have the Devil's luck (e.