bad luck

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Synonyms for bad luck

an unpredictable outcome that is unfortunate

unnecessary and unforeseen trouble resulting from an unfortunate event

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I say that because the Olympic's bad luck seems to have followed us.
I will admit to having had my fair share of both good and bad luck but what is surprising is that either the good or the bad seemed to come along in 'blocks'.
I've had three years of bad luck after having kidney cancer and having to have one kidney removed, but I really feel this is a turning point and my luck is going to improve.
PAYLOR SAYS: Injuries to both strikers and your most influential midfielder IS bad luck.
No mention, though, of bad luck in the magazine I was leafing through in the dentist's waiting room.
I DON'T believe in curses, but I believe that some people have more bad luck than others.
THE re-make of the classic movie The King And I was hit by so much bad luck that Hollywood film industry executives are joking that it should be renamed The Jinx and I.
In their native Madagascar, aye-ayes are considered bad luck, and villagers hunt them down whenever possible.
Players fall a hundred times a day in training and nothing happens to them but at least my bad luck gave me recuperation time to get over the hip injury.
The Sri Lankan beauty attributes not doing the sequel of the 2006 super hit 'Krrish' to her bad luck and clash of dates.
It was considered very bad luck if one crossed your path.
Such bad luck candestroyone's confidence andI know of no cure for lack of confidence.
FRUSTRATED James Beattie is praying his season won't be jinxed by bad luck following his latest injury setback.
His bad luck started in June during the first Southwest Series race at Irwindale Speedway.