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(old-fashioned slang) a bad person

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This guy is 32 and when have you ever heard anything negative about him?' "He is not a bad egg but he wanted to play.
Perhaps even venturing themselves to view the hospitality on offer to their guests and tourists, thereby ensuring that one bad egg doesn't spoil good businesses for those that care for their clientele and set an example of good patronage and service.
Another great-but-all-too-infrequent issue of Bad Egg, outta Denver, CO.
We could trip over the cat, eat a bad egg, crash the car--but generally, to prevent a paralysis of fear in our lives, we don't think about these possibilities.
The term was actually popularised by P G Wodehouse and probably originates as the opposite of the 19th century "bad egg", so named because a bad egg smells.
Only 9 of the 58 patients bad EGG abnormalities; most of those were benign variations, and the rest were induced when the patient tampered with the electrodes or deliberately altered his physiologic reflexes.
Otherwise those responsible for creating a climate of hate will blame these actions on a few "bad egg" racists.
In those cases, one bad egg may have been "pooled" with other eggs to make, say, undercooked scrambled eggs and thus may infect a large group of people.
But I started his first game so he didn't come in and say, 'I don't fancy Ross.' To people who don't know me and listen to those who say I'm a bad egg or whatever, I was captain at Fulham and Leeds.
You'd have to ask those I played with if I was a bad egg or not, and I suspect there would be some who would tell you I was.
Meanwhile Liverpool's Edwina Currie, now best recognised for looking and sounding like spare parts for the Queen, is criticised for not recognising Savile as a bad egg, by putting him in charge of a task force at Broadmoor, when she was health minister, responsible for Britain's high security hospitals back in 1988.
Q: What do you get if you cross a Scottish legend with a bad egg? A: The Loch Ness Pongster!
Still, a cool little package, with words and photos about a jam at the Bad Egg compound, some recent pool shots, some Vegas stuff, a few reviews, and ruminations on the whole "back in the day" phenomenon, which pretty much hits the nail on the head.
And because no fewer than 22,000 OBEs were awarded by 1919, that 'honour' was known as the Order of the Bad Egg because, well, because so many Bad Eggs got one.
He said: "People think I am going to cause problems and I'm a bad egg.