bad egg

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(old-fashioned slang) a bad person

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Meanwhile Liverpool's Edwina Currie, now best recognised for looking and sounding like spare parts for the Queen, is criticised for not recognising Savile as a bad egg, by putting him in charge of a task force at Broadmoor, when she was health minister, responsible for Britain's high security hospitals back in 1988.
But if I was seen as a bad egg then I must have been the quietest one the game has ever seen and I'd find the accusation quite bizarre.
About the only way to spot a bad egg now is to crack it open and culture the yolk, a process that takes about a day--and spoils the egg.
Play with one of Sega's favorite heroes, Sonic, Knuckles or Tails, and stop the original bad egg Dr.
There doesn't seem to be a bad egg in this whole prison full of convicts.
Other new products include Nestle's All-Stars, Aero Honeycomb and After Eight Truffles eggs, as well as a Bad Egg aimed at teenagers.
And because no fewer than 22,000 OBEs were awarded by 1919, that 'honour' was known as the Order of the Bad Egg because, well, because so many Bad Eggs got one.
Andreas Constantinou, who plays Claudius, also looks and sounds like the murderous bad egg he is.
We're all hoping he doesn't turn out to be another bad egg.
But there's a bad egg in the side - and let's be blatantly honest, Kevin Pietersen is a bad egg.
Play with Sega's favorite heroes -- Sonic, Knuckles and Tails -- and stop the original bad egg Dr.
Good Friday has been a public holiday since the Middle Ages and Gladstone first gave Victorian workers a break on Easter Monday but vulnerable employees with bad egg bosses are still losing out," said Ms Wood.
I think the "New Duck" is a bad egg and an even worse mascot.
Tony's a bad egg, no doubt, but imagine escaping Death's clutches only to see the shadowy outline of Radio 4 Roy sat by your hospital bedside as you come to.
If you have one bad egg in your dressing room and a few sympathetic ears, you have a problem.