bad cheque

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a check that is dishonored on presentation because of insufficient funds


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In the past, bad cheque cases used to hamper the work of individuals and businesses as the people involved had to free up their schedules and make time for court procedures,
On Tuesday, 7DAYS reported that a Syrian man was arrested by police after he was charged with taking expensive cars from owners after giving them bad cheques and then sold on the cars to other people at a lower value.
Convictions for writing bad cheques can carry stiff sentences, and they have landed dozens of Dubai residents in jail.
At present, creditors have no alternative but to seek police help in forcing debtors to honour bad cheques. But more often than not, things become increasingly complicated; financial disputes taken to court can take a long time to reach a settlement and, in most cases, payment then takes a long time to come through.
The number of bad cheque issuers in the first five months of the years fell 18 per cent to 216.
According to Laha Magazine, the verdict was made by a Cairo court back in 2013 when al Helou wrote a bad cheque for $14,000 to a company that pledged to give aid (flour) to Libyan people on his behalf.
Mary Hollywood, 46, of Hornby Road, Bootle, received 50 hours unpaid work for trying to cash a bad cheque.
Michael Jon Schofield, 60, was being held in Dallas, Texas, after being charged in California with two felony counts of grand theft and one felony count of writing a bad cheque, prosecutors said.
The skipper was spotted by our spies kicking balls with his right foot while bouncing like a bad cheque.
He had accused them of passing him a bad cheque for his rent and had been trying to evict hem.
The seller then filed a criminal case against the buyer for giving him a bad cheque. However, the case was dismissed since a report from an expert committee showed that the signature on the cheque matched the one in the bank's system.
A few years ago, the government made writing a bad cheque a serious crime, and last week a former senator was sent to jail over a matter that began when she, as a Member of Parliament, wrote a series of cheques when she did not have enough funds in an account.CHANGING FACEDuring my banking career, I saw two types of cheques disappear.
He lied to her that he could reduce the jail term her husband - who had been embroiled in bad cheque cases - was facing to the mere payment of a fine.
Dubai: A Sharjah court will on Thursday deliver its judgement on a bad cheque case against Arif Naqvi, founder of private equity company Abraaj and a colleague, Mohammad Rafique Lakhani.
The number of bad cheque issuers reported to the preliminary central registry fell an annual 28 per cent in the first quarter to 128, the central bank said.