bad cheque

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a check that is dishonored on presentation because of insufficient funds


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The number of bad cheques reported in January to May dropped 12 per cent to 457.
On Tuesday, 7DAYS reported that a Syrian man was arrested by police after he was charged with taking expensive cars from owners after giving them bad cheques and then sold on the cars to other people at a lower value.
The singer had fled to the UAE city after being convicted with a prison sentence for writing out bad cheques to one charity in Egypt.
Convictions for writing bad cheques can carry stiff sentences, and they have landed dozens of Dubai residents in jail.
Premises in Lesbury were targeted two weeks ago, when postage stamps worth pounds 100 were paid for with a bad cheque.
She said: 'He literally left me and the kids with a pounds 5 note and a pounds 200 bad cheque that was a deposit for furniture that he never made.
She's not really a criminal, she might have written a bad cheque here and there so she would wind up getting caught up in one thing after another, but nothing serious.
The growing number of commercial disputes and bad cheque incidents prompted Dubai's police department to propose the licensing of specialised collection companies to handle debts arising from dud cheque transactions.
Summary: Suspect detained over bad cheque cases, cursed, assaulted and threatened 3 policemen at police station
Mary Hollywood, 46, of Hornby Road, Bootle, received 50 hours unpaid work for trying to cash a bad cheque.
Michael Jon Schofield, 60, was being held in Dallas, Texas, after being charged in California with two felony counts of grand theft and one felony count of writing a bad cheque, prosecutors said.
The skipper was spotted by our spies kicking balls with his right foot while bouncing like a bad cheque.
He had accused them of passing him a bad cheque for his rent and had been trying to evict hem.
The complainant was then prosecuted for issuing a bad cheque and was cleared.