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a check that is dishonored on presentation because of insufficient funds


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Statutory language from state to state typically addresses "bad check" situations, but it rarely specifies or defines EFT or ACH protocol and can be wildly inconsistent.
In 2006, Congress amended the FDCPA to exempt debt collectors that operate bad check diversion programs from certain FDCPA requirements under certain conditions.
"Anytime an attorney gets a bad check from a client, all of the other clients are exposed," Stok said.
Know the laws surrounding issuance of a bad check. Some city and state police departments will get involved to help you collect because it is illegal in many areas to write a bad check, sometimes even considered a felony.
If someone issues another bad check within three years of being convicted of a first offense, he will be fined SR100,000 and be sentenced to five-years imprisonment.
Summary: An Egyptian businessman accused of issuing a bad check worth $6.18 millionC*
It has no monthly maintenance fee, no minimum balance, and also has access to other free products such as Bad Check Recovery.
Among all those orders I've experienced precisely one bad check and one invalid credit card number.
He'll return the bad check to the customer on the spot.
ATS also offers resident screening services including eviction, employment, criminal and bad check reports and recently began making available a report that identifies known terrorists.
Kautzky believes part of the problem can be addressed by having low-risk, nonviolent offenders, such as bad check writers and those convicted of drug possession, serve shorter prison sentences.
After replacing the bad check ring, Figure 4B shows that cushion length stays constant throughout the hold period.
Among its other European problems were cancellation or postponement of several projects which could not meet production schedules, increased bad check losses in the check services operation, and a provision for bad debts.
He equates social transgression with artistic transgression - a move well known since Marcel Duchamp wrote a bad check to pay his dentist.