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a check that is dishonored on presentation because of insufficient funds


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In Pennsylvania, to prosecute a bad check, you'd traditionally start with your magistrate, which is the lowest level of the judiciary, and present your case to an assistant district attorney.
The Houses are accused of opening a Wells Fargo bank account and writing bad checks on it, the sheriff's office said.
In 2006, Congress amended the FDCPA to exempt debt collectors that operate bad check diversion programs from certain FDCPA requirements under certain conditions.
Heslin, who testified before Congress and the state Legislature for tougher gun laws, has been arrested for issuing bad checks and driving under the influence.
It turned out that they have eight outstanding search and arrest warrants for forgery, theft, impersonating, passing bad checks and opening fire," the statement added.
After receiving a bad check from a customer, avoid making the same mistake twice.
19 -- Five bad checks amounting to a total of half a million riyals have been referred to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution (BIP), informed sources said.
Medina was wanted for trying to pass a bad check at a nearby Wal-Mart moments earlier, and a sheriff's deputy on that call identified her from the store's security video, Hahn said.
He equates social transgression with artistic transgression - a move well known since Marcel Duchamp wrote a bad check to pay his dentist.
Each report consists of a credit report, bad check report and employment verification.
30 after a county judge sentenced him to four to 23 months on a $25,000 bad check charge arising from his fanciful efforts to publish two daily newspapers in York, Pa.
Bad check costs, however, are escalating at an annual rate of 25 percent or more at some companies and can account for as much as 1 percent of a business's sales.
CHICAGO -- Consumers can expect to pay twice the amount they would normally be charged for a bank overdraft fee when they make a retail purchase with a bad check, according to a recent national survey by Moebs Services, an independent, nationally recognized economic research firm in Lake Bluff, Ill.
Walker was asked if he sees bad check cases increase during the holidays.