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a substance in photosensitive bacteria that is related to but different from chlorophyll of higher plants

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Clayton, "The absolute quantum efficiency of bacteriochlorophyll photooxidation in reaction centres of Rhodopseudomonas spheroides," Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)--Bioenergetics, vol.
nov., a novel alphaproteobacterium containing bacteriochlorophyll a, and a proposal for reclassification of Stappia aggregata as Labrenzia aggregata comb, nov., of Stappia marina as Labrenzia marina comb.
At a depth of about 120 meters, Crowe and his colleagues found that the most common microbes lacked chlorophyll a but contained bacteriochlorophyll e, a light-harvesting pigment that absorbs infrared light and is present in photoferrotrophs adapted to low-light conditions.
photosynthesis bacteria: Bacteria able to carry out photosynthesis; light is absorbed by bacteriochlorophyll and carotenoids.
Evolution of chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll: the problem of invariant sites in sequence analysis.
Photochemistry and spectroscopy of chlorophyll, bacteriochlorophyll, and bacterioviridin in model systems and photosynthesizing organisms.
To kill Gram-negative bacteria many photosensitizers were investigated, including methylene blue, toluidine blue, phthalocyanines, chlorins, porphyrins, chlorophyll, bacteriochlorophyll, fullerenes, and their nanoparticles [12].
Rhodobacter bacteria produce large quantities of the photosynthetic pigment bacteriochlorophyll a.