bacterial plaque

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a film of mucus and bacteria deposited on the teeth that encourages the development of dental caries

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Henriksen's Mucosal-Plaque Score Index (MPS) was used, which provides a quick general assessment of the individual's oral health, noting the level of inflammation of the mucosa and the amount of bacterial plaque around the teeth and dentures (20).
In a study to assess bacterial plaque accumulation adjacent to orthodontic bracket, it was demonstrated that excess composite around the bracket base is the critical site for plaque accumulation due to its rough surface.
Tooth cleaning is a part of oral hygiene and still remains the most effective means of bacterial plaque removal.
implicated bacterial plaque deposits as the primary, direct factor in the development of periodontitis and resulted in the abandonment of former concepts that involved nonbacterial factors, such as trauma from occlusion, systemic conditions, and diet.
(6) Increased inflammation in response to bacterial plaque, a hallmark of hyperglycemia-associated periodontal disease, may contribute to localized osseous changes, resulting in diminished quantity and quality of surrounding bone.
An increase in the proportion of Prevotella intermedia in bacterial plaque, rather than an increase in total plaque, is instrumental in the development of gingival inflammation during pregnancy.
A complex chain of mediators, that modulates the aseptic inflammation, is released in the gingival crevicular fluid (GCF), as a response to the mechanical stress induced by orthodontic forces in the context of a good control of the bacterial plaque [1].
Given the above and considering the Guidelines of the National Policy to Oral Health Promotion (BRASIL, 2008), which propose that the actions and services must result from an adequate knowledge of the health reality of each location, to construct then an effective resolution practice, this study evaluated the Simplified Oral Hygiene Index (SOHI), a few moments before applying the mouth rinse with NaF at 0.2% in children of a primary school in the city of Nova Aurora, Parana State, by means of disclosing bacterial plaque, taking into account the presence of bacterial biofilm on the teeth.
"It affects the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth and is caused by bacterial plaque that accumulates and adheres to the teeth," she continues.
A relatively high degree of motivation, manual dexterity and compliance in oral hygiene regime are required to achieve the level of oral hygiene necessary to control bacterial plaque formation.
The state of oral health of the patients was measured through the decayed-missing-filled (DMF) Index by Klein and Palmer (15) for permanent teeth, O'Leary's bacterial plaque index, and a periodontal chart.
Therefore, taking into consideration pathogenic features of the bacterial plaque and its influence on the homeostasis of the oral cavity, the degree of bacterial accumulation on metal alloys used in prosthodontics should be examined.
The children were assessed for seven clinical parameters (i.e., bacterial plaque, gingivitis, dental caries, malocclusion, developmental anomalies, oral injuries and restorations).
In vitro evaluation of effectiveness in reducing bacterial plaque of antimicrobial substances in patients treated with orthodontic appliances.
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