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the grounds in back of a house

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For all my unkind comparisons to swans and backyards, it cannot be denied that each dock or group of docks along the north side of the river has its own individual attractiveness.
Being an economical Vermonter, Barrett went to work in a little wooden shed in the backyard of a Brooklyn foundry.
The representatives all connected backyard gardens, compost piles and chicken coops to the growing problem.
coli isolated from commercial broilers and backyard poultry reared in close proximity to human population.
com)-- Home and Garden America was recently featured on the social sites of Backyard Boss - a gardening website known for providing home, garden, backyard and DIY ideas.
Their desires for yards that are functional for cooking, relaxing and entertaining have inspired many backyard improvement projects.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 1, 2015-Aterian Investment Partners Acquires Playset Maker/Installer Backyard Discovery
This comprehensive hands-on, practical, DIY guide includes: The basics of small-scale brewing-recipes, strategies, and technologies; Advanced backyard analytics and troubleshooting; Safety considerations and regulatory issues; Topping up the tank--how to put your biodiesel to work for you.
The second all-ages CD by Earthworm Ensemble, Backyard Garden is a sprightly album of thirteen original songs, ranging in variety from indie rock to folk and zydeco.
Fiscal year 14-15 projects include completing Mission Drive, Wallace Court, Cherry Street, Kent Street, 8th Street, and the backyard rehabilitation on Philips, Mission and McNear Ave.
Licensed for public performance, Drones in My Backyard is a brief, wry DVD inspired by the day a drone appeared in filmmaker Alan Snitow's backyard, hovering over his head.
Backyard gallinaceous bird flocks may play an important role in the spread of infectious diseases within poultry populations as well as the transmission of zoonotic diseases to humans.
Backyard Grill'n Burgers aren't low in sodium (350 milligrams).
The popularity of backyard flocks has steadily increased over the past several years (Crespo and Shivaprasad 2008; Pollock et al.
Bulgaria's Ministry of Agriculture and Food is preparing an action plan to solve the problem with backyard slaughter of cattle for personal consumption by end-March to avoid EU penalty.