backward and forward

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Synonyms for backward and forward

moving from one place to another and back again

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Four well-trained male runners ran backward and forward at eight different treadmill speeds while researchers measured VO2, as an indicator of metabolic rates and foot-ground contact.
Thus, what we would note about the pattern of correlations is that those involving backward and forward recall are quite similar, failing to support the position of Jensen and Figueroa (1976) that backward recall is more predictive of higher-order cognitive tasks.
Thirteen 6-s trials of each possible combination of backward and forward cues were presented in a quasi-random order in each session.
Both SBR and Parametric Stereo are backward and forward compatible methods to enhance the efficiency of any audio codec.
As a superset of AAC, High-Efficiency AAC is both backward and forward compatible with existing AAC content and decoders.