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used of hair


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The model features Hyundai's 'Fluidic' styling, backswept headlamps, lower and stretched jaw line, and rising shoulder lines.
Moomba might lose some budget-conscious buyers with the $3,500 upcharge for the V2, but if that's an issue, the backswept silver Rad-A-Cage tower comes standard.
Its wings are nearly 3 inches across and ruffle-edged, the velvety body distinctly pointed at the rear, the antennae backswept. And in a grouping near the patch's center are three underwings (Catacola spp.).
The actors, generally dressed in Edwardian-era garb, are given just enough in the way of physical characteristics to indicate their species: Mole has a slightly extended nose, Pat's mustache extends to become whiskers, Toad sports a greenish complexion, and the Weasels wear pince-nez spectacles and possess pointy little teeth and backswept hair; all appropriate critters also show tails from time to time.