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an overlapping stitch made by starting the next stitch at the middle of the preceding one

do backstitches

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Beginning at the center dot, stitch toward one end point, making the last two or three stitches as close to the foldline as possible; don't backstitch.
Begin stitching 1/4" from the binding fold, backstitch to secure and continue sewing.
The minimum required looper travel along backstitch line is determined from dependencies
You can add strength to your seam with a double stitch, or--for the more sewing-savvy--a backstitch or zigzag stitch.
Seven children stay to try the running stitch, the backstitch and French knots on small burlap pieces.
On each circle, draw two curved lines in chalk then backstitch the two curved lines in white thread.
GRABNER: Yes indeed, I start in the center and spiral out employing a very bulking backstitch.
Sew sides together with a sewing machine, or backstitch with needle and thread.
Backstitch elements overlay the lower face of the backing.
I taught my students how In thread the needle, a basic running stitch and a backstitch, and how to tie off to change yarn.
The range of stitches is also more limited than in more commonplace examples: no use has been made of chain stitch, which is often employed to outline the figures in the later pieces, nor are the figures filled in with backstitch or chain stitch to provide density.
The hand stitcher uses very simple tools, and with these, she produces a wide variety of stitches: Beecher and Stowe (1869) ennumerate "overstitch, hemming, running, felling, stitching, backstitch and run, buttonhole stitch, chain-stitch, whipping, darning, gathering, and cross-stitch" (p.
Graham uses repetition between sentences ("where the heard foams up,' "where the listening arrives') so effectively that the reader experiences something analogous to the backstitch in sewing--we go back half a step into what's already been said, then are moved forward, so that our connection to the poem is both fortified and stretched at every turn.
Use 2 strands of orange embroidery floss and a backstitch to add the bird's legs.